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Review: DESTITUTE – Self-Titled EP

DESTITUTE is a down-tempo, deathcore band from Montclair, California. Their current lineup is: Nathan Mancinas on vocals, Jacob Rivera on the guitar, Quinn Martinez on bass, and David Boice on the drums. They formed in 2011 and have released an EP called The Reckoning and their self-titled EP.
The EP starts out with a creepy intro, called Weep. It consists of a strange voice recording and then goes into a heavy breakdown. It’s a good intro because it sets the tone of the EP. The guitar is played pretty slow and feels like it’s tuned down low. It’s a good combination for a breakdown. I like the drums in the intro because they flow with the guitar well and adds to the heaviness of the breakdown. The vocals are good as well. He mainly uses mids and lows.

Their next song, Demolish, consists of cool riffs, sweet drumming that has a nice fill, and hard-hitting vocals. I really like the drums in this song. He plays fast and follows the pace of the song well. The vocals in this song are mainly mid-range vocals.

Rivera does a nice job on the guitar building up the song, To The Fallen. It makes you feel like something big is about to happen. I also like the drums in the intro because they have cool fills and play pretty slow. The guitar is my favorite aspect of this song. Again, Mancinas mainly uses mids throughout the song with a surprising use of low vocals.

Dismantled Thoughts starts out with a cool riff that leads into the full band playing a similar sounding riff. The vocals in this song fit the feel of the EP and Mancinas provides the listener with a short, nice use of high vocals. Rivera does a nice job on the guitar by playing interesting riffs. I also like the drums on this song because he switches up the pace.

The Dying Ones features Bryan Long of Dealey Plaza. The vocals are my favorite aspect of this song. It’s cool that they have guest vocalists on this EP. This song has some good breakdowns in it. I like how they went from a breakdown to fast-paced playing. It helped keep me interested. I also found the guitar towards the end to be a nice touch to this EP. I was not expecting the solo.

The last song on the EP is I Am The Alpha. It features Tyler Shelton from the band Traitors. It begins with a breakdown with some crazy vocals. I really like the drums in this song because of the fast-paced playing and cool fills. The guitar work is also good. I like the riffs he created.

The lyrics in this EP talk about a couple of different issues such as the meaning of life, perseverance, hardships of life and religion.

Overall, I think that this is a good EP. I like what they have created. I like the riffs and the drumming. I would give this EP a 8.5 out of 10 stars. I think that this EP is worth checking out and I’m looking forward to their third major release. You can check purchase the EP on Bandcamp.

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