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Review: Deseized – A Thousand Forms of Action

Norwegian melodic metalcore band Deseized has released an EP 3 years after their last album. A Thousand Forms of Action has 5 tracks that show Norway has graced us with more than just black metal. Head over to Deseized’s Facebook and iTunes and Amazon for the EP!

To get a basic idea of A Thousand Forms of Action, just know there are a lot of nice riffs and catchy breakdowns. What I like about the breakdowns is that they aren’t over done, not too frequent, and don’t last too long. More bands should take tips from Deseized so they don’t go overboard with the chuggy chuggy. Another great thing is the face that the bass is audible. Even if the bassist doesn’t have solos or intricate grooves, making it audible makes a huge difference in sound.

On to the review: “Divide” gives a steady opening to the song and EP with a toned down chugged riff before the whole band kicks in. The vocals stand out a lot to me because it kind of sounds like another band I know, but at the same time they sound unlike anything I have heard before. The clean vocals are raspy at times and very melodic when it isn’t raspy. The rasp gives the song extra oomph when the instrumental part lightens up. Shout out to the drummer for keeping it spicy when things get sweet. The double-bass sounds really good on this album too.

“Firelung” has a nice song progression. The guitar riffs don’t vary too much and are played in higher keys or octaves, but the rest of the band adds different things during key changes. For example, the end of the song gets some atmosphere from the rhythm guitar along with a very subtle vocal layer in the background. It’s a nice touch and gives it a divine sound for a moment. If you listen to “Sledgehammer Suicide” right after “Firelung” ends (not the drawn out ending where nothing significant plays), it sounds like “Sledgehammer Suicide” takes what “Firelung” started then ran with it and took it to a new level. Even though it sounds like a new level, there is still something about “Sledgehammer Suicide” that remains “Firelung”-like. Maybe it’s just a really good sequence. Despite all that they both sound different enough from each other, so I’m not saying they sound the same. There is some more involvement with the rhythm guitar and those raspy clean vocals.

After a brief introduction, “Constellations” gets going, briefly gets soft on us, slowly picks up with a groove, then gets into the core sound (no pun intended). This song is probably the most repetitive in the least annoying way if that makes sense. There’s this one groove that plays a few times throughout, but it’s a good one so I’m not complaining.

To end A Thousand Forms of Action “Patterns Within Patterns” sounds like the right song to do the job. I don’t know what it is about this song that sounds like it’s an ending song, but it just does. Maybe it’s because it has traits that were featured on the other songs put into one or maybe because it has everything that makes Deseized sound unique. It is also the longest song and takes the song from one end of the spectrum to another. “Patterns Within Patterns” has an emotional solo, heavy hooks, and light hearted chord progressions. Quite the package, this song is.

Okay that was A Thousand Forms of Action. It was pretty nice. It sticks to the melodic metalcore label pretty well and doesn’t really deviate. If you like riffs with occasional rhythm involvement, not dry drumming, bass you can hear, and rad vocals, check this out.

Rate: 8.3/10

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