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Review: Desecrate the Faith – Unholy Infestation

Texas death metal act Desecrate the Faith has announced their second album, which is to be released in early March of 2017. After their first album Desecrate the Faith went on American and European tours before recording this bestial album: Unholy Infestation. When the time comes it will be available on all major formats. They currently have a single out; keep up with their Facebook for updates!

Getting the obvious out of the way: Unholy Infestation is heavy. There is a lot about it that I would classify as heavy and there is a lot of each of those. For example, the bass is always chugging along with the guitars, giving each song a lot of depth and low-end. The riffs alternate between angry chugged patterns and full-out riffage. With the amount of low-end on Unholy Infestation it makes the use of higher strings stand out a lot more and makes them more meaningful. Like on “Malignant Divinty” the other strings during the bridge do exactly that: serve as a bridge. The sound transports you from the first half of the song to the last half on a shaky looking bridge across a chasm. They do well to accompany the main riff too on this track and on “Ceremonial Invocation.”

You can definitely hear the sacrilegious nature on any of these tracks, even the interlude kind of tracks. While there is nothing inherently profane about guitar riffs of any sort, the anti-theistic beliefs bleed through each instrument on each track. You can tell the band shares the same beliefs and it’s shown through the music. This is great because that really fuels the music. Fueled music is almost always better than any other.

One of my favorite things about Unholy Infestation is the drumming. It’s very easy for drummers to get mixed up with each other and just blend in with any other band in this style of music. This drummer has a unique style and flair. I thoroughly enjoy his double-bass patterns on the songs “Sacrilege Reborn,” “Angel Eater,” and “Shrine of Enmity.” He has a tendency to build intensity over time, drop to the original heat, then build up again. I love building up suspense for something greater, so the drumming is right up my alley.

“Angel Eater” is one of the more intense songs on Unholy Infestation. The riffs and song progression: it’s just insane. It has a really great intro that is just on full heat. The dial readjusts a bit until the end. I love the ending on “Angel Eater” because it’s kind of slammy, but not really. The drummer does this great pattern with the toms; it’s just a really hyped ending to a great song. Very heavy and very intense.

The vocalist has a tendency to draw out long notes and start verses with long notes. Almost every song has these long gutturals, but not every song starts with them. In a way it’s overdone and takes away from the effect, but in another way it’s the vocalists style, which is part of Desecrate the Faith’s overall style. I’d be lying if I said it bothered me, but I’m just saying what I hear. Even if this bothered me, there are so many other things to love about this album that it would almost be canceled out by the good in the album.

“Ascension of Belial” is another insane song in the same way “Angel Eater” is with the drumming and song progression. These two songs are able to branch off into similar, but different directions. When you hear the change in the main riff being used, you know the heat is about to raise. It sets the stage up really well for the final track, which is a great last track in itself. “Let Us Burn (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit)” carries a very specific sense of finality to it that other albums do not. As the title suggests, this song brings the end of an album, a religion, and a legacy. The vocals are a bit different from the rest of the album and they do the trick, let me tell you. At times they sound like the bringer of doom while other times they sound like the results of this doom. The instruments keep pummeling you with the end of times and it’s really great.

Overall Unholy Infestation is a monster of an album. Desecrate the Faith knows their craft well and has produced one of the sickest articles of sacrilegious music thus far. Even the production is done well, and that’s rare for bands in this style. I have a lot of respect for Desecrate the Faith and I feel bad for those who must wait until the official release date because this is honestly such a wonderful album with a lot of promise.


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