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Review: Depths of Hatred – Hellborn

Depths of Hatred is a death metal band from Montreal, Canada. The members in this band are Dominic D.D. (vocals), Martin Trottier (guitar), Felix Demers (guitar), Karl Desjardins (drums), and Antoine Millette (bass). They have had at least two major releases, one being Aversionist (released in March 2012) and Hellborn (released in October 2014).

I am very impressed with the vocals on this album. He does a very good job delivering insane vocals ranging from low to high. Dominic D.D. is one of my new favorite vocalists. My two favorite songs on this album just taking vocals into consideration are Son Of Perdition and Unholy Incursion. Not only can D.D. scream, but he can write well too. He creates cool images in the listener’s head. The lyrics consists of topics such as evil, religion, and chaos. I’m looking forward to reading more lyrics from this guy.

I enjoyed the guitars on this album. There are some cool leads in this album. Check out Nefarious Divinity, Secluded Redemption, and Misery Enslaved. There are some headbanging moments, too. Check out Ill Prosperity, Born Condemned and Unholy Incursion. The guitars provide the album with some good melodies that flow well with the songs. I like how they can shred and also play slower. I found the amount of leads in this album great and kept me interested.

The drumming in this album is incredible. Demers can play extremely fast. He created a lot of cool drum beats that kept me wanting to hear more from him. His drumming flows well together with the rest of the instruments throughout this album. Check out Son Of Perdition and Unholy Incursion to hear some great drumming. I’m looking forward to hearing more insane drumming in the future.

Overall, I’d give this album an 8.3 out of 10. It’s a good album to check out. They have a good amount of lead guitar playing, fast drumming, and great vocals.

You can purchase Hellborn via iTunes.

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