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Review: Define – Division

Define is a Deathcore band all the way from Verona, Italy. Their current line-up consists of: Nicola Bicego (vocals), Filippo Bertoncelli (guitar), Stefano Bonafini (guitar), Damiano Ambrosi (bass), Federico Accordini (keyboards), and Alberto Fontanabona (drums). Since this band’s formation in 2013, they have released only one EP.

The guitar work in this EP is solid. It’s refreshing to hear bands come up with melodic leads as well as technical material. Some solos in this EP include the following: Elevate (1:29 and 2:15), Disconnected (1:00), and Consequence (2:22). On the more technical side of their guitar work, their song Consequence is a good example of this. It has guitar playing similar to that of August Burns Red. Another technical example is their song Invictus Maneo (1:14). They also have breakdowns in this EP that I found enjoyable. Check out Disconnected (2:22) for a nice breakdown.

The next aspect of this EP that I will cover will be the drums. Fontanabona created enjoyable material to listen to throughout this EP. He has managed to impress me numerous times throughout this EP through his beats and double-bass. Some beats that are sick are: Elevate (intro and 2:17), Disconnected (1:38), Perspective (2:20), and Consequence (intro). Some double-bass moments are: Elevate (0:45 and 2:43) and Perspective (2:53). He can also play along to a “chorus” well in the song Disconnected.

Lastly, I’ll cover the vocals. Bicego is a solid vocalist. It’s great to see him utilizing a wide variety of styles in this EP. He uses lows, mids, highs and even cleans. Check out Disconnected to hear some nice clean vocals. They also incorporated some synchronized vocals (Elevate 1:50, Consequence 2:03, and Invictus Maneo are some examples of this).

I am pretty impressed with this EP, especially since it’s their first one. This band has a lot of potential. I would have to say the guitars are my favorite aspect. It’s cool that they have a keyboardist. I don’t see that often. There are a lot of cool moments in this EP. I would recommend this EP to a fellow metalhead. You can pick this up on the band’s Bandcamp page. I would give this EP an 8 out of 10.

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