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Review: Creatures – II

With a year gone by with some amazing Deathcore albums, this year has been a little bleak. Not to worry though, this little jewel is here. To get straight to the point, this band’s style is absolute and true to their promise, for their influences scream out the best traits of both Carnifex and Angelmaker.

The opening track, “Old Style, Fack Aff” is just that, an overview of the older style of Deathcore during it’s better years; guttural howls and breakdowns in all the right places – a spectacular kick off! If I can be honest, the bigger bands did not really deliver this year, if anything, they left many short-changed.

“What Would Rick Sanchez Do” is a breakdown track that has an intro very much in the style of the Rick and Morty cartoon. Personally, I think the snare could have been mixed in better, but other than that, the overall song is one I find so catchy (schwifty even) that I would have to make this my second favourite track. I can’t help but imagine a video clip of ole Rick boozing and snorting it up in some comical predicament… And yes, I am sure the feeling is the same with every neck-beard familiar with the show.

Halfway through, “Samara” unfortunately did not work for me. I felt it was another track spoiled by its’ snare and overall recording quality. I’m no engineer myself, but it sounds to me like the guitars and vocals need to be much louder if they are to create any real impact.

“Broken Anchors” is a definite improvement both by flow and recording. This is the track you would want on your jogging playlist as it has an upbeat pace, breakdowns for a bit of parkour, and even segments for those ending punishment sprints.

The last track “Safe Space (Triggered)” is the slowest track in the duration, but also the most powerful, for it has absolutely everything I believe in. As a thick-skinned Australian, the only that offends us is being told what to find offensive. You see, people’s emotions and insecurities are like a religion now; there’s no common sense or recognition of facts, and more importantly, pointing out the hypocrisy and irrationality to people in these safe spaces is like trying to drown a fish. We need more songs like this, for there is nothing brave or productive about agreeing with people made of cotton and wool.

This is an easy 8/10. Deathcore the way it should be.

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