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Review: Creating the Godform – Odium

Creating the Godform are a 5 piece Downtempo band consisting of Shane Botha (vocals), Sherlic White (guitar), Conrad Lottering (guitar), Thariq Taladia (bass) and Dane Canterbury (drums). Hailing from Cape Town South Africa, the band formed just last year and are already making waves in the scene with their EP ‘Odium’ (released December 2016).

The first notable thing about this EP is the self declared title of being downtempo. After my first listen I thought to myself ‘does this really class as downtempo?’ but as I listed off other sub genres and their typical traits I became aware that the band doesn’t fit in one single sub genre, and that downtempo probably was actually the closest. Trust me, these guys are not like any other downtempo band you will hear. Downtempo, in its simplest form, is slowed down deathcore with heavy hardcore influences, and deathcore is death metal mixed with elements of metal core and a bunch of heavy breakdowns. Remove the metalcore from the deathcore but keep the breakdowns, then slow deathcore down but ditch the hardcore influence and then you get this EP. Confused? Wondering what the point in all this sub-genre bullshit is? Well so am I and I couldn’t agree more, the bottom line is that these guys have homed in on a mixture of styles that isn’t done all too often, or when it is it’s often done badly! You know you’re onto something memorable and unique when sub genre elitists can’t decide what sub genre you are!

Imagine ‘We Are Obscurity’ era Dialectic vocals and Acacia strain style instrumentals and you’ll get a rough idea of what to expect. To say the vocals are brutal would be an understatement; Shane Botha delivers a consistently disgusting vocal performance, dominated by gutturals that put a lot of bigger bands in the scene to shame. His highs are equally as good and consistent but I can’t help but wish he was more confident with them and they had more of a centre stage in the mix. Lyrically, I have no fucking idea what is going on, but i’d like to think from the mood set by the band name, artwork and eerie atmospherics that it’s some cool stuff about far out origin theories and giant 5th dimensional beings creating the universe or something like that. I’m sure someone out there has the ear to decipher what he is saying but even myself (a seasoned deathcore fan and musician) can’t make out much. But who cares! That is the last thing that’ll be on your mind when you’re being pummelled in the face by the wall of brutality and evil that this album creates.

Instrumentally the EP is well thought out, carefully written, heavy as hell without being for the sake of it and displays a diverse list of influences from what I can hear. There are even intelligently used repeating sections (more or less unheard of in deathcore for some strange reason) with memorable riffs (also rare!)! The dark minor lead riffs are like a breeze of fresh air to me- they achieve what a lot of bands rely on production to do, but without having to do so- they create a soundscape and atmosphere, and a dark one at that. The band also utilise unorthodox time signatures and a healthy dose of intricate footwork to further separate themselves from other downtempo acts, much to my appreciation and with great success. The breakdowns aren’t huge, but they aren’t the focal point of the songs, which proves that you can be really heavy without relying on super low super slow breakdowns. The production really tops this album off- it’s subtle, raw yet powerful and is well balanced. However the guitar tones do suffer slightly from a lack of weight and clarity. Whether this was a sacrifice to give other instruments space or just a simple mixing decision I don’t know, but it certainly doesn’t take much away from the EP as a whole.

Overall this EP is a piece of art. It is intelligent. It is heavy. It is dark and moody. And most of all it is different. Bearing in mind that this is the bands first release, these guys are definitely a band to keep an eye on as things can only get better from here. And the fact that these guys are coming out of South Africa??!!? It’s crazy to imagine that people are into this kind of music all over the globe, but I can’t for a second imagine that there is a massive scene there (I could be wrong!). Yet these guys have put in a lot of thought, time and effort into something that they may not get much local support for. That is a good enough reason for me to show them some well deserved appreciation! Go give them some love and support on their social media and EP stream, and pick up a copy of their EP! You won’t regret it 😉








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