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Review: Cranely Gardens – Locust Valley

Hailing from South Jersey, New Jersey, the relatively unknown deathcore band, Cranely Gardens has released their debut EP Locust Valley. In an over-saturated genre, Cranely Gardens stands out from the rest. With technical metalcore/deathcore riffs, heavy hitting drums, a booming bass, and a fantastic vocalist, the Cranely Gardens quintet is likely to appeal to fans of everything from Chelsea Grin to The Black Dahlia Murder to  Miss May I to Erra. Check them out, Locust Valley is sure to keep your attention fixated, your interested piqued, and your heart racing.

Locust Valley begins with a solemn ringing, emanating from some hopeless and disparaging place. A fast and precise guitar fades in, with a riff similar to something you may hear on a Miss May I album. All of a sudden the riff takes over, accompanied by a rhythmic pounding of a snare and kick. One drum fill later, “A Plague” begins and Cranely Gardens’ debut EP is off to a frantic start. Joe and Randy are more than proficient with their weapon of choice, the guitar. They prove it throughout the album, as there’s no shortage of ear pleasing, head banging riffs and a fantastic solo every once-in-a-while. Alex, on bass, helps beef up the guitars, and keeps the tone heavy and unforgiving throughout. Constant double bass, fast fills, and the occasional blast beat by drummer Ryan, makes your heart feel like its skipping beats. Last but not least, vocalist Chaz, adds the missing piece to the puzzle, to make Cranely Gardens a brutal, fast, agile band. His screams consist mostly of highs and mids, with a few pleasantly surprising lows and gutturals, that are right in line with popular deathcore vocalists. He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Overall Locust Valley is a great album that I’d recommend to anyone who’s favorite bands straddle the line between metalcore and deathcore. They have the accessibility of heavy metalcore, with the unforgiving savagery of Chaz’s fast demonic screams and almost out of place drumming. In my personal opinion, I think the album could have benefited from having a more precise sound (think Betraying the Martyrs) as opposed to the classic metalcore (almost muddy) sounding production. That being said its a great album that I’d recommend to anyone into bands like Chelsea Grin, The Black Dahlia Murder, and even bands like Miss May I or Structures. My favorite song off Locust Valley is “Vertical Infinity”. It has a very Structures (All Of The Above era) sounding intro that breaks into full out insanity, that finds it’s way back to it’s beginning. Its fantastic.


You can check out the band’s Facebook Page here

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