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Review: Crafting the Conspiracy – Human Error

Crafting the Conspiracy is a melodic death metal band from Kermit/Odessa, Texas and Human Error is their debut EP. Set to release on November 13th of 2015, Human Error has 7 tracks lasting around 21 minutes long. While not too lengthy, Human Error makes its presence known and makes sure you will remember its name. Check out Crafting the Conspiracy on Facebook and Bandcamp! There are tons of sick moments and instrumentation so stick around to hear that.

There are a lot of things I like about this little EP so let’s discuss that. The production and mixing is done very well: every instrument, effect, and layer is audible. The vocals are raw and range from piercing highs to not-too-low lows. Just as one would expect from any melodeath band, the riffs are plenty and the solos are righteous. Any song except the introductory track exemplifies that in a fashionable way.

“Paradise Lost” is the actual beginning of Human Error. Right away you’re hit with steady double-bass, the deliciously raspy vocals, and a wall of guitar riffs. I really like the way this song progresses: it has really melodic and tension-building bridges that lead to appropriately sounding verses and solos. Each band member is in tune with one another and it shows in the final product.

“Earthbound” was interesting by the guitar solo. I find a lot of bands have an irritant tone on their high strings that make for screeching solos that could sound really awesome, but the awesomeness gets taken away by the annoying tone. Yeah well Crafting the Conspiracy has it all together. Not only was the tone suited for what was being played, I was able to fully appreciate the screaming notes in all their glory. It is a rather long solo, but it’s nice enough for me not to mind at all. It demonstrates technical ability and gives the vocalist a break. Other than that great solo, the song switches gears to end the song on a riff-heavy note.

If you want a song more focused on riffs and drumming that’s easier to take in, look to “Intrinsic Distortion.” This is probably the simplest song off of Human Error; simply because it sticks to a main riff and the solo doesn’t get too crazy on ya. “Intrinsic Distortion” only raises the intensity a bit after the solo, which is cued by an irresistible bass slide. It’s pretty cool, check it out.

“No Solace, No Solitude” has Crafting the Conspiracy’s unique sound on it. While it isn’t quite as extraordinary as “Paradise Lost” it still is a great song. The song progression is smooth, the guitar duality functions well, and the solo is sweet. The drummer makes up for being gentle on “Earthbound” by cranking it up a bit on “No Solace, No Solitude.” Even on moments of band synchronization, he makes sure to keep the drums going.

The heaviest song on Human Error has to be “Human Error.” I mean it’s only right since it’s the title track, right? “Human Error” is a more deathcore sounding track, but it still has melodic riffs and interesting build ups. The vocals reach a new low during a sick riff. There are actually just a lot of cool moments throughout this whole song, so listen to the whole thing. From the sweeping, supple bass, and incessant drums, “Human Error” is just rad.

The final track is “I, Overlord.” It is a nice track to end a debut EP on. This is one of the more extreme songs on Human Error. I say that because of the sustained intensity and technical skills. Everything comes at you and stays there until the end. You’ll find yourself headbanging a lot.

Well that was Human Error by Crafting the Conspiracy. I must say that this EP was impressive. The guitar and bass tones were nice, the cymbals sounded crystal clear, and the vocals were appealing. To get an idea of what the vocals sound like, think of Hounds on their 1129 EP plus some extra grit. It is clear Crafting the Conspiracy put a lot of effort into creating Human Error, so I recommend checking it out upon it’s release. Currently “I, Overlord” is available on Bandcamp.

Rate: 9.1/10

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