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Review: Corrosive – Lucifer Gave The Faith

From Germany, Corrosive deliver “Lucifer Gave The Faith”, released on the 8th of December. I can confidently say it is one of the better death metal albums of 2017 as such power and darkness in an album is seemingly a lost art as of late.

The opening track “Taste The Pain” had me very surprised. You see, whenever I hear a long-running band has released a new album, I have to brace myself, lower my expectations, and accept that it is most likely a shadow of it’s former self. Not this track, for it truly has some meaty chugging intro riffs before picking up the pace without even slightly sacrificing the groove. As the vocals enter in the verse, I am reminded how special and timeless this style is, especially during this silver age of Deathcore. Whether you are into tremolos, chugs, or blast beats, this is the perfect track to introduce the band’s refined style.

The opening licks of “At The Devil’s Door” remind me so much of Slayer’s Mandatory Suicide for just a few bars until the vocals enter, steering me into Incantation territory – especially around the 3:30 mark. It’s quite simply the equivalent of a candy store for old school death metallers. As listeners dwell further into the album, they will realise that there are in fact no bad guitar solos, no matter how simple they may sound.

I have to say though, “My Need To Kill” did pale in comparison to the two previous songs. Somehow, it just lacked the power and felt like a filler. Going for just over five minutes, it felt a lot longer and didn’t feel very eventful – more like a slow drive through a desert. The song improves around the 3:30 mark as a roar and the pick up of pace escalate the song’s intensity, and the melodic solo is actually quite catchy. That aside, I do believe this is the album’s weakest track.

“Crown of Bones” slaps you awake and has the snare sounding like a hammer nailing wood, especially under the main tremolo riff. I would definitely say this is the track where the drums shine the most purely because the drummer sounds like a machine through every blast beat. In fact, any drummer who thinks they’re worth the time of day should definitely learn this song.

Listening to “Leftovers”, I could have sworn the track was venturing into Melodic Death Metal territory as the guitars played so harmoniously around the intro and chorus. The solo section really should have been a lot longer, had it been, it would have been the perfect track. Nevertheless, this is definitely one of my favourites.

“Zombie Apocalypse” didn’t quite groove with me until a minute into the song. The verse is where the song really defines itself, but the chorus unfortunately had me disconnected and tuned out. The guitar solos and particularly the after-riff offer a hearty rescue to the track, but I’m afraid this is another track I will skip in future.

“My Eternal Hatred” has a brief clean intro that is quickly dominated by rapid strumming and double kick footwork that becomes the verse. But my gosh, I cannot get over how the chorus and after-chorus are so brutal and catchy. Even when the song slows down, it is ever-catchy. Honestly, I really couldn’t find any faults with this track even if I tried. Flawless victory for this round.

Nearing the end of the album, “Dead Hate Living” perhaps has the best song intro as far as dark and evil goes. I can see this track appealing to even the most elitist of black metal listeners. The tremolo guitars and overall flow of this song is rich with brooding riffs I only thought I’d ever hear in earlier Morbid Angel albums. A flipping awesome job, guys!

The title and final track, “Lucifer Gave The Faith” carries itself like a death metal marching band at the beginning. The rest of the song is strangely beautiful and melodic in certain segments, while unrelenting and diabolical in others.

This is definitely a winner in the death metal scene today, putting many other acts and poseurs to shame. Bands like this are the reason death metal still has a place in today’s metal. 8.5/10 as far as I’m concerned. Well done, fellas.

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