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Review: Carnal Decay – When Push Comes to Shove

Carnal Decay is back at it again with another killer release entitled When Push Comes to Shove. If you’ve ever listened to Carnal Decay before then you know whatever they put out will be tasty and heavy, which is exactly the case with When Push Comes to Shove. Pumping listeners full of fists and beatings is one way to describe this aural assault. Go check it out!

When Push Comes to Shove is a brief EP at only 10 minutes and still manages to leave a lasting mark. The first and second tracks feature slammy chugging fast, pummeling riffs. It’s easy to just call the music violent and call it a day, but the guitars actually sound violent themselves, not just like heavy music to accompany violence, no. The guitars and drums are doing the beatings while the vocalist just tells you about it…angrily. On a more serious note, the vocalist sticks to the same style as he has done in the past, which is good because his vocal tones suit and brand Carnal Decay as a unique sound in a cluttered genre. With the thousands of death metal bands out there it can be difficult to find a band that creates a unique sound and maximizes that sound for every release. Carnal Decay just has their own sound: Carnal Decay. The final track “We All Bleed Red” is very obviously a death metal song: has blast beats, tremolo-picked riffs, growls, all what makes death metal death metal. Listening to “We All Bleed Red” for a few seconds is all you need to identify Carnal Decay. They have their own style of riffs and song progression that keeps you interested. “We All Bleed Red” sounds predictable until about the halfway mark when the song changes almost completely and sounds very different, yet still part of the same song, which becomes clear when the song comes full circle by returning to the initial riff. This is Carnal Decay.

I don’t think I need to go in depth about the other 2 tracks since there are only 3. If you like heavy, violent, or just tasty song progression go listen to this EP. If you just like death metal I think you should listen anyway because it’s only 10 minutes long and is available everywhere.

Rate: 8.7/10

Links: Bandcamp, Facebook, Youtube

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