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Review: Call Us Forgotten – A Hope Remains

The Portland, Oregon quintet Call Us Forgotten, kicks ass. Straight up,  A Hope Remains is on another level of metalcore and musicality. It’s unique, fast, melodic, surprisingly heavy, and chock-full of “oh shit!” moments. You’d be doing yourself a disservice to pass this fantastic album up.

A Hope Remains starts off quite slow, with an intro track that doesn’t quite do the album justice- and that’s saying a lot; the intro track “Her Name Was Vengeance” is an emotional roller coaster. The static and indistinct talking that plagues the first minute or so, is broken by another stronger voice accompanied by a somber piano melody. Towards the end of the song, two harmonic voices join in and start picking up the pace.

The second song, “Crusade For The Broken”, successfully shows what Call Us Forgotten is about. Vocally, it’s all over the place. Screams, growls, doubles, yells, singing, group chants, this debut has it all and it all sounds great. Instrumentally, the song has all the common parts of the average metalcore song. Chugs, tremolo picking, breakdowns, and the occasional blast beats. Despite the familiar sounding verses and what-not, Call Us Forgotten doesn’t just play the same-old generic metalcore music.

The third song “Bring On The Empty Horses (ft. Kellin Quinn)” has a particularly moving verse towards the end of the song. Dumping his usual pop/boy band sound, Quinn unleashes powerful, harsher vocals (that I personally prefer to his Sleeping With Sirens work) that push the song over-the-top to a new level in most metalcore.

Each song on A Hope Remains is great. As a whole, some of the songs may seem to overlap or sound somewhat similar to another, though they always branch in different directions – heavy and melodic –  so that by the end of the song you’ll have a sore neck from headbanging and a catchy riff stuck in your head.


You can check out Call Us Forgotten on Facebook, Myspace, and Bandcamp.

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