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Review: Broadening the Daylight – Theseus EP

Melodic metalcore act Broadening the Daylight’s new EP is finally here! With 6 tracks and 21 minutes, you can’t go wrong taking a gander at this sweet little release. Just as my track review of “Integrity” suggested, it is a promising preview of what Theseus has to offer. Head over to their YouTube, Facebook, and Bandcamp and Spotify to listen to Theseus!
Theseus is chock full of pleasant surprises upon your first few listens. There are many smooth meter changes, catchy breakdowns, vocal patterns, riffs, precise drumming, and song progressions. Every song is packed with energy and carries a whole different sound. The riffs stick to the melodic label more than metalcore, but there are moments where the two blend together in a solid fashion, like on “Standing on the Line of Symmetry.” There is a heavy vibe going until the chorus plays where clean vocals are dominant and where the song has a brighter take on things. The determined lyrics and just general brighter sound almost make you forget the dark beginning. The alternation between having a heavy sound and a cheerful one seem to accurately paint a mental picture of the lyrics.

“Theseus” is a rather dark song with an intriguing drum groove and a nice hook. The vocal duality on at certain points is like vocal yin and yang. Chords separate the heavier parts of the song with the choruses until the ending breakdown, which will make you move. “Theseus” is probably the simplest song on here, but that doesn’t really mean anything. It’s enjoyable nonetheless.

“Metronometer” takes a Shadows Fall/ A Distant Calm spin on things with the riff blending and playing. It sounds like a strange mix, but when you hear the riffs and how it quickly alternates between a dominant metalcore sound and otherwise, you will understand what I mean. Lots of pinch harmonics on this one and it’s done tastefully so; there is no pinch harmonic abuse here. “Metronometer” keeps you interested the whole time.

“His Hands Shall Bleed” is the final and longest track on Theseus. “His Hands Shall Bleed” is a very melodic and heavy song. More intricate riffs and drumming are all over this song along with plenty of moments to headbang to. The chorus is pretty catchy and sounds like one you would hear from Bury Tomorrow in a way.

Theseus is a pretty nice EP to listen to and holds much promise for Broadening the Daylight’s future. The only songs I left out were the introductory track and “Integrity” because that was already reviewed (which you can find here). Theseus shows improvement as a band and what may come in the future. The production sounded natural, though the bass should be turned up a little more in my opinion. The clean vocals have a high range and the screams have a moderately wide range as well. I found myself bobbing my head throughout Theseus’ entirety, so you may too.

Rate: 8/10

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