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Review: Bone Gnawer – Canale di Carneficina

Swedish/Florida natives Bone Gnawer has brought us what is described as a “mini-CD” called Canale di Carneficina. There are only 4 tracks and it runs about 15 minutes long all the way through. Canale di Carneficina is a heavy little album that will satisfy the cannibal within for 15 minutes. Check out Bone Gnawer’s Spotify!

There is an overall old school death metal feel with a modern touch put in. The lows are evil and the riffs are very distinguishable. Tight production helps out with that. The drums are loud and punchy and the bass is low. “The Female Butcher” is a very straightforward song: it has main riffs, a solo, a chorus, and a structure clear enough to follow. The solo is pretty brief and gets the shredding out relatively quickly. It serves its purpose. This actually applies to every solo on Canale di Carneficina, so if you don’t like long solos this is your kind of thing. They all have a shredding sound, except the one on “Channel of Carnage” has a bit more melody to it with a few tasteful bends. After the solo “The Female Butcher” kind of repeats, but not exactly in the same fashion.

“Channel of Carnage” sounds heavier than “The Female Butcher” because of the chorus mostly. Maybe its the production, but the drums sound really intense when any cymbal that isn’t the ride is hit. Mixing brash sounding cymbals with a descending riff just sounds appropriate with a song called “Channel of Carnage.”

“Circle of Cannibals” contrasts quite a bit to the others because it’s a bit slower, but still has a heavy death metal-y sound and alternates between fast and slow throughout. The main riff here is definitely reminiscent of old school death metal, but with modern production. There’s a main groove (with the main riff) then there’s a speedier groove with a much different riff that comes up after key points in “Circle of Cannibals.” It’ll come up after the solo, after some verses, etc. Unlike the others, the ending here is much different from the rest of the song. Here there’s a singing lead and a chugged riff over steady double-bass.

The final track is “It Shall Have Blood (Demo).” Due to the fact it’s a demo, there is a raw sound, but it’s also raw by nature. The riffs are more about tremolo-picking and gallops than in previous songs. I really like this song because it just seems to hit a bit harder than the others, but the bass seems to have been cut out here. What lacks in bass is made up for in drum fills and riffs.

Not a bad album, I have and will be listening to this often. The songs worth checking out the most are “It Shall Have Blood (Demo)” and “Channel of Carnage.”  I prefer their album Cannibal Crematorium a bit more to this, but they are both good and I recommend at least a quick listen to either.

Rate: 7.3/10

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