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Review: Blinding Sunrise – The World Won’t Listen

Blinding Sunrise, the melodic metalcore sextuplet from Italy, has recently released an album titled The World Won’t Listen. Packed full of panic chords, heavy breakdowns and catchy choruses, The World Won’t Listen is a unique and solid entry into the saturated genre that you’ll either love or hate.

To start things off, The World Won’t Listen is an eleven track album with one bonus song, making twelve tracks total. There are plenty of metalcore, and even a few post-hardore elements throughout that metalcore fans will be familiar with. Each song stands on it’s own very well, and you never get the feeling that the tracks are blending together into an album-length song. Everything’s presented very well and it’s obvious Blinding Sunrise knows what they’re doing and what they want. Whether or not you like this album will come down to whether or not you like the stylistic choices and sound of the band members.

Speaking of band members, my personal favorite track, “Waterfalls” is an intense journey that introduces each band member through the song. It begins with a quick flurry of rising guitar that blasts forth with Mattai Giuffrida’s screeching and cracking screams. Not ten seconds later Francesca Ereddia’s clean vocals break through the chaos and deliberate blast beats and fills from Valerio Macca. In between Francesca’s weaving vocals, Macca can be heard growling, building for the first breakdown which comes around the minute mark. Throughout the song well placed panic chords from both Matteo Lorefice and Luca Pace keep the song on edge while building for the verses, choruses and breakdowns. While Lorefice, Pace and Macca keep chugging along, Onofrio Butera can be heard keeping the tone dark and heavy, gluing the guitars to the drums.

I have very few complaints, though I think I should mention them, with respect to the band. First, it rarely sounds like Francesca belts or sounds very emotional at all. While all her singing parts fit well with the song melody wise, occasionally it ended up sounding like she was singing someone else’s lyrics (which could be the case for all I know) and didn’t have any inspiration or goal for singing them. Second, Butera’s drums sounded a bit too fake in certain parts- I know that’s not on the band, but rather the mixer/producer. I’m aware that it’s very common in metalcore and really any metal genre to use triggers, but I personally think the kick in particular could have used a little bit more variety in it’s velocity or tone during the bridges or slower parts of the songs. Both of these points are my personal opinion however and are creative choices the band could have made intentionally.

Overall, The World Won’t Listen is a solid album that deserves a listen to at the very least. There are more than a few standout moments that’ll catch your attention and keep you wanting more. I’d recommend Blinding Sunrise’s The World Won’t Listen to anyone looking for the next big metalcore band, fans of female fronted metalcore bands (such as The Agonist, In This Moment, etc), and anyone who loves great melodic metalcore with a catchy, heavy, nasty twist to it.


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