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Review: Blindfold – Multipolar Disorder of Substance

Blindfold is a technical metalcore band from Greece and Multipolar Disorder of Substance is their second EP. It has 3 tracks and a lot of potential. Prior to Multipolar Disorder of Substance, the band went through a few lineup changes and eventually just became a temporarily solo project (what Blindfold currently is). Head over to their Facebook!

When I first listened to Multipolar Disorder of Substance, I immediately thought of Erra, Elitist, Auras, and similar bands. If you have listened to any of those bands then you know what to expect when you listen to Multipolar Disorder of Substance, but this EP is more similar to Erra. I’m not crazy about the screams; I’m not too sure how to describe them either. They kind of sound inhaled, but I don’t really know for sure. The style they try to do (that sounds more harsh than I mean it) fits great with the music, but it could be done better. The clean vocals, on the other hand, are great. They are rather high-pitched, but they are very charming and go well with the more astral leads and harmonies.

“Multipolar Disorder of Substance” is probably the most Erra sounding song on the EP just by the first minute of the song. As a big Erra fan, I’m not complaining. During the clean parts, the riffs and background harmonies will either play something heavy or play something more melodic and relaxing, the latter being cast from space. Of course, all 3 songs do this, but you know.

The instrumental work on Multipolar Disorder of Substance is pretty tight, which is kind of unlike the screamed vocals. I know I’m kinda beating a dead horse by this point, but they could have been done better. The vocalist has the ability to do better, I just know it.

The guitar work on “Deflection” sounds like a mixture between Dance Gavin Dance and Elitist. The small technical licks between notes are what give “Deflection” (and even Multipolar Disorder of Substance, as a whole) a spark. The djenty undertones of Multipolar Disorder of Substance make complicated work very easy to listen to. There is a lot of harmony and melody to be heard both instrumentally and vocally. As usual, I would have preferred the bass to be a bit more prominent, but I’m just glad I heard it peak through. I definitely think this EP is worth checking out; it’s only roughly 7 minutes long, you can’t go wrong with that.

Rate: 8/10

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