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Review: Blazing Row – Emerge

Blazing Row is a Deathcore band from Belgium. Their current line-up consists of: Jef Van de Vel (vocals), Jan Maes (drums), Yannick Rutten (guitars), and Joeri Pandelaers (bass). Since their formation in 2012, they have released a demo in 2013.

Oncoming is a good opening track for this album. It features some cool guitar work accompanied by a creepy sound.

I like how they lead into their second song, Call Tor Arms. The guitars are pretty cool in this song, containing nice riffs and a solo around 50 seconds in. The melody around two minutes in is worth mentioning, so check it out. It reminds me of some of Kataklysm’s work. I am surprised to hear a sweet bass piece around the 2:48 mark. I like how the vocals lead into a breakdown around 3:25. The vocals are pretty solid in this song. I like de Vel’s vocals.

Justice kicks in with some nice guitar work. While the guitar work so far may seem novice to intermediate, I enjoy it because it flows well with the vocals. I really like the drums in this song. Check out around 1:50 and the breakdown that follows for some sick drumming by Maes. The lead guitar around 2:49 is sick. The tremolo picking was a nice addition. The solo that followed was a nice touch. It’s not that fast but it’s enjoyable to listen to. I was not expecting the breakdown around the 4:22 mark. The instrumentals flow really well together.

Hostage starts with a sweet riff. In addition to the riff, de Vel can get pretty low, which is a refreshing change. It’s also sweet that they make the bass pretty audible. The drum fills in this song are sick, so be sure to pay attention for those. The guitars continue to work well with the vocals in this album.

Wolf Among Sheep is next with fast instrumentals, which seems to break the pace of the album. I like the headbanging piece around 38 seconds in. The variety helped keep me interested. The ringing guitar notes followed by a background riff is a sick addition around 2:30 in. The breakdown is cool although it wasn’t that surprising to be placed there. I was surprised however, to hear a solo after it. The ending contains some sick drumming and unique vocals.

The intro to Emerge is great. I like the slow playing supported by sweet drumbeats. It’s cool how they started off slow and picked up the pace. Maes does a great job in this song. This is a surprising, yet solid instrumental.

Doomed to Consume is up next with a sweet solo in the intro. De Vel continues to deliver high-quality vocals. The breakdown around one minute in is a nice addition. I really like the drums in this song. The instrumentals also continue to accompany the vocals well.

Nearing the end of the album, Endemic starts out with an interesting riff. It consists of a lot of bends. The headbanging part around 30 seconds in is a nice piece. In addition to the breakdown near the intro, there is a rather long one that starts around 1:20 in and goes until about two minutes in. I really like the guitar work around 2:25. It was surprising and a nice addition. There is even a third breakdown in this song around three minutes in. This song portrays what this band can create in terms of heavy breakdowns.

Song nine of eleven, is a shorter song named Vicious. It starts out with a bang. The vocals really helped add to the heaviness in the intro. The instrumentals continue to flow really well together with the vocals. The songwriting is turning out to be high-quality in terms of structure and creativity. The ending of this song is sick.

The Drop is up next, with some noticeably sick drumming by Maes. I like how they incorporated a lead guitar around 1:55. I admire their ability to remain heavy and put in lead guitars as well. There’s another sweet solo starting around 4:25.

The last song, The Long Walk, starts with some cool instrumentals. De Vel comes in with more solid mids around 1:15. The riffs work well with the vocals. The breakdown that occurs around two minutes in is sick. Around 2:40 into the song, the instrumentals sound similar to the beginning. I found the riff around 3:30 enjoyable, so be sure to check that out. The bass was pretty surprising when it came in around the end of the song.

Overall, this is a pretty good album. The most enjoyable aspect of this album is the drums. Taking the vocals into consideration, I think that de Vel can deliver quality mids. Perhaps for their next album or ep he could try to incorporate some highs. Rutten did a great job on the guitars. He was able to be heavy and have solos. I also thought it was a nice touch that they made the bass very audible at some parts. I would give this album a 7.5 out of 10. You can purchase this album on the band’s Bandcamp page.

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