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Review: Blackest – Blackest

Blackest’s blend of spastic hardcore/metal is just amazing. I’ve never felt so good listening to an EP – take my word for it. I have no idea why these guys are so pissed, but it works flawlessly with the tracks. Aggression, pain, misery, desire – all these permeate throughout the entire piece. The riffs are groovy as hell itself; the drums, vocals and bass possess the right amount of heaviness. Madness incarnate in all five songs! And the breakdowns, oh the breakdowns – if they were girls, I would marry them on the spot.

The EP starts with the excellent “Scumsuckers” – definitely my second favourite song. The breakdown is over 9000, I love it! “Memphis” sets the dark atmospheric tone perfectly, even though it doesn’t get too chaotic. “Collection Plate” has some of the nastiest blast beats I’ve heard all year; the riffs are sharp, and scattered all over the whole song – they might give someone a seizure…or ten.

“Ghost in the Hand” starts slow, but the build up is incredibly tense and chaotic – I love it! Finally we have “War Wagon” which is just an amazing song, no doubt about it! The opening riff is blissfully brutal and on point!

Overall, this EP is perfection – almost no filler! You can pick up Blackest on their Bandcamp page!


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