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Review: Bermuda (AUS) – Tyrant

Before DSM Axis IV, the deathcore band Bermuda released a ridiculously brutal EP titled Tyrant. Simply put, Tyrant was different in the best way possible.

I encourage you to listen along to the songs I’ve hyper-linked while reading the review.

The EP starts with “Asphyxiate“. Instrumentally it’s fast paced with a lot of seemingly out of place riffs that all fit together perfectly. The vocals consist of highs, lots of lows, growls, gutturals, pig squeals and a few yells. The song, unlike many in the deathcore genre, actually has a reoccurring verse and chorus. While there’s no singing on Tyrant, the songs are crafted well enough to know, instrumentally, when the chorus is coming around- and damn, they sound epic. The chorus is at around 1:25.

The next song, “Batten Down All The Hatches” is similar in structure and essence to “Asphyxiate”. One of my favorite moments on the entire album happens on this song, from around 2:00-2:40.

Loose Lips“, the third song off Tyrant, contains a riff similar to something off a Miss May I album, with some tasteful tapping peaking it’s head through the verses. This song has a long breakdown entering about three-quarters through, and while it may not be heaviest I’ve ever heard, it pulls out a secret weapon that’s liable to blow your pants off if you’re not expecting it, and has put it near the top of my non-existent “best breakdowns” list. You can skip to the breakdown by clicking here.

The fourth and fifth songs are titled “Tyrant” and “Waging War” are straight deathcore songs. They’ve each got their own unique flavorings to them, but for the most part the two final songs are the most stereotypical deathcore songs. Regardless, they’re great.

Overall, Tyrant is an amazing album. Though it’s a bit old, it still packs a big enough punch to give modern listeners the carnage they look for in deathcore.


Unfortunately Bermuda (AUS) broke up back in 2010, though they do have a more recent release (mentioned above) titled DSM Axis IV. They have a Facebook page, though they haven’t updated in in over a year.

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