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Review: Beneath The Sky – The Day Music Died

At the risk of sounding ridiculous, you’ve probably never heard of this band. ‘Underrated’ is the perfect word to describe Beneath The Sky, the melodic and heavy non-core metal band signed to Victory Records. With the release of their second LP, BTM has taken their older, more strict deathcore sound, and revamped it with guitar solos, dual guitar riffs and singing.

The Day Music Died opens with a sort of instrument tracks called “Nature of the Beast”. It begins with the sound of a vintage radio and two teenagers making out. Slowly enough, a zombie-like creature growls and attacks that teenagers. As the beast attacks, a death roll snare begins and the guitars and bass blast there way in with steady chugs. The track is roughly 6 minutes long, and that’s not even the longest song.

Each of the songs range anywhere from 3:22- 9:40 minutes, so this is a great album to take on a long road trip. As some of the songs are so long, you can expect multiple sustaining riffs in each song. There are more than a few acoustic sections, and the singing mentioned above, is actually very good. The harsher vocals consist of high screams and lows screams, with very little in the way of yells. That being said, all of the vocals, screaming and singing alike, sound amazing, and there’s no doubt that Joey Nelson is a very talented vocalist.

Beneath The Sky’s album contains many different styles of metal. From deathcore, to hints of metalcore, to a heavier post-hardcore, The Day Music Died is a versatile piece of music that takes the listeners on a true journey through the intense,


You can check out Beneath The Sky’s Facebook page here, and you can buy The Day Music Died on iTunes.

And make sure to check back next week for a review of Beneath The Sky’s latest album, In Loving Memory.

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