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Review: Azgard – At The Break Of Day

Review by Andriana.

Ukrainian deathcore band Azgard is our target this week with their debut full ­length At the Break of Day, released in May of 2015. At the Break of Day has nine heavy tracks that tackle you then keep you in a headlock for about thirty minutes.

I find that the Ukrainian bands that I discover are usually great and usually offer very nice music to rampage to. There is a lot of technical and vocal ability displayed on At the Break of Day and any song can prove it. It is a very consistent album, meaning you can tell it’s the same band without it being repetitive or bland. It is also consistent with its aggression. The breakdowns are tough, the rhythms are on point, and the vocals are mean. Some songs have a basic deathcore structure, like “Eastern Winds.” While “Eastern Winds” is a very deathcore sounding song, others aren’t as driven by a deathcore sound and are of their own flavor. Each song varies, but you can expect speed and brutality from all.

Melody and rhythm bring forth a garden blooming with emotion and heaviness. “Icon” and “Sin” are the best examples because they both have chugging riffs, technical fills, solid drums, and a soft piano chiming it at specific points to inject subtle feels amidst the barrier of instruments being played. “Sin” is a generally very heavy song, until said piano joins to sweetly end an aggressive song. “Icon” has many more riffs and melodies being played, many of which are played on higher notes to give a brighter and happier sound that contrasts well with the chugging riffs that proceed.

The way the bright melodies are played remind me of In Dying Arms’ album Boundaries, if you are familiar with that. Even though “Farewell” is another heavy song, it has emotional moments that shine through clouds riffs and drums. If you are seeking more of the brutality and deathcore sound I mentioned before then look right to “Be a Man”, “At the Break of Day”, and “Your God is Silent.” The songs “Be a Man” and “Your God is Silent” are similar by the fact that they have fast and heavy grooves that bridge into sick breakdowns then back into heavy grooves again. You will most definitely find yourself bobbing your head to at least one of those songs. Both demonstrate plenty of technical talent and still have the deathcore sound we all know and love.

The drums on “Blind” and “Be a Man” alternate between very fast and moderate like Thy Art is Murder does, for example. “Blind” is one of my favorite songs from At the Break of Day simply because it has everything the other songs have separately. It has the speed, rhythms, anger, passion, and riffs the entire album has all in one song. It is the best song to end the album with as it blends and culminates all well.

At the Break of Day is a pleasure to listen to and I recommend you check it out if you remotely like deathcore or even death metal. The vocals are harsh, the bass is low, and the guitars are heavy. At times the vocals reminded me of Aegaeon. The production was that of a professional level despite being produced by the members of Azgard themselves. All instruments and vocals come in clear, though I would have turned up the bass just a wee bit. The bass is audible enough and I’m happy with that. Not much more could be said without repeating myself. At the Break of Day is fast, heavy, and will can make death metal and deathcore fans satisfied. Purchase or listen to At the Break of Day on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Sun of the Scorpion Records!

Rate: 8.3/10

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