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Review: Awaking Athena – Deceiver

Awakening Athena is a five-member Deathcore band from Leicester, UK. Their line-up is: Steven Geary (vocals), George Fall (guitar), Kieran Disley (guitar), Caleb Bee (bass), and Corey Pickard (drums). They currently only have one EP released since their formation.

I am impressed with the vocals on this EP. Geary uses a combination of mids and highs. I like how he uses a lows before a breakdown in the first song, Rise of a Wretched God. It helps add to the heaviness. The song that impressed me the most, vocally, is the second song, Legion of the Serpent, because it really showcases what Geary can do. He does a great job switching between highs and mids. I also really enjoyed how they synched the highs and mids in Reign of Terror around the 2:10 mark. The lyrics for this EP are available on their Bandcamp page. Geary talks about issues such as the end of times and religion.

Fall and Disley did a good job with the guitars on this EP. They can come up with some cool riffs, breakdowns, and solos. I like how they switched between slow and perhaps novice riffs to more complex riffs and leads which provide the listener with a nice experience. I’m a huge fan of guitar solos so it’s always nice to hear Deathcore bands using them along with breakdowns. Every song on this EP has a solo in it which is awesome. Be on the lookout for them.

Pickard did a great job on the drums for this EP. From the very beginning he managed to impress me with his playing. I admire his ability to vary the speed of his playing throughout this EP. He plays very well behind the solos. I also like the use of the double bass especially during the breakdowns. While there is no doubt that he is a great drummer, perhaps in addition to the fills, he could throw in some drums solos for their upcoming releases.

I would recommend this to a fellow metalhead as this is a solid EP, especially for their first one. The instrumentals are a great aspect of this EP and the vocals are wonderful. I would give this an eight out of ten stars. This EP is available on their Bandcamp page.

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