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Review: Auras – Crestfallen

Review by Andriana.

Auras makes a comeback with the new Crestfallen EP. There are 5 killer tracks from the Canadian four piece. You can purchase Crestfallen via District Lines, or listen to it on Spotify.

Crestfallen does not disappoint and is a great follow up EP from Panacea. Since Panacea, I have loved the drumming and polyrhythmic melodies Auras brings to the table. This EP is straight business: no intros and no boring sections to take away from a song’s glory. The overdriven/gain-y guitar tone is thick enough for a good breakdown, yet clear enough to hear the melodic sweetness going on behind prog sounding bass lines, sick vocals, and tricky drumming. “Adverse Condition” is a song that perfectly exemplifies the poly rhythmic melodies I mentioned. I feel like a lot of effort went into writing and recording this album, which makes ya feel good supporting a band that’s passionate about writing their music. The vocals are rather different from a lot of bands I have listened to before. The only band that comes to mind in comparison (for the vocals) is Chamber of Malice.

“Thrown” is a song with a heavy start that kind of makes you unsure where its going then flashes space­-like melodic mojo your way. “Thrown” and “Boundless” are the two songs that combine progressive and metalcore elements very smoothly. Both songs feature appropriately intricate drumming and a dreamy atmosphere. Other songs have riffs and solos that shoot volts in your ears, like on “Terrene” and “Inordinate.” “Inordinate” is one of the heaviest songs on the EP, if not the heaviest. This song has chugging riffs and fast drums supporting sick guitar bridges and riffs equally. It is a sick tune overall and is definitely worth a listen if you like any metalcore.

This entire EP was great and I wish it was a full­ length album, but at least it shows us that Auras has been busy. It has raised my expectations greatly and makes me anticipate the next full­ length. There was so much on Crestfallen that I enjoyed: riffs, song structures, solos, vocals, grooves, drumming, bass, and etc. Nothing sounded repetitive or carbon copied and everything was full of emotion. I actually didn’t dislike anything, yet I feel like there is no album out there that’s a perfect score. Sorry Auras, you came so close!


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