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Review: Various Artists – Astral Evisceration On All Hallows Eve

Splits are the most economically savvy way to discover new bands. In many ways, they’re crucial to finding smaller artists that you may enjoy. And there’s nothing better than a Halloween album. I could listen to a Halloween album any time of the year. So, keeping those things in mind, it should be very obvious how truly vital Astral Evisceration on All Hallows Eve is. This thing kills. Each track is fun, tightly played, and spookily named. The lyrics speak of the season and holiday. The amount of pig squeals and breakdowns is absurd. Blast beats are present, as well.
Ultimately, nothing else needs to truly be said. Check this out, right now. Some of the best bands in the scene, dropping some of the spookiest tracks around, for a low price in one complete package. Throw some money at it on Bandcamp.  And please check out the Bandcamp pages of all of the other artists featured on this split as well.

Bands Featured:
Become the Watcher
Before the Harvest
Chamber of Malice
Cunt Cuntly
Existence Has Failed
The Overmind

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