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Review: Arise in Chaos – Terminal Cognition

Arise in Chaos is a 6 year old metal band that has released a new full-length in early May. They have worked with Ahrue Luster (ex-Machine Head/Ill Nino) and have played shows with some big names in the metal scene, such as Soulfly, Motionless in White, All that Remains, and more. Terminal Cognition is Aris in Chaos’ latest effort, and it sure does show effort. Pick it up at Amazon, Best Buy, and here then go check out their Facebook!

Terminal Cognition carries a lot of groove and a lot of old-school metalcore in its songs. I get a strong Chimaira vibe from several songs, notably “Nero” and “By Your Own Blood.” The vocals are responsible for the heavy Chimaira vibe, but also the way the riffs go from chugged to groove then back to chugs or even breakdowns. No matter what is playing, Arise in Chaos keeps you moving. The songs sound like they are meant to involve the crowd; I don’t know exactly why, they just do. It could be partially due to selective chugs.

As fun as Terminal Cognition is to listen to, I have to admit that some parts can be repetitive. This isn’t necessarily bad since I still enjoyed the songs and didn’t find myself bored, but if you don’t like repetition then some songs will get old quick. I’m directing this to “Hell Bent.” “Hell Bent” is pretty simple and repetitive on every front for a good chunk of the song. The other songs aren’t nearly as repetitive as this and there is a cool solo towards the end, so it isn’t that bad really.

The old-school metalcore influence is strong in “Siren” and in “Violent Colors” with the kind of riffs on there and the way breakdowns are snuck in and short (for “Siren”). “Siren” is a really nice song because it ends with a strong sense of closure and has a really tight main riff. The riff has almost a black metal sound to it, but not as kvlt. In general though, it carries the same amount of rhythm as “Nero” or “The Divine.”

There are a few songs that stand out a bit more than the rest because of either how heavy they are, how groovy, or melodic sounding they are. These include: “All We Know,” “By Your Own Hand,” and “Reflections.” My favorite from this list has to be “Reflections” because it gets intense and has one of, if not the most creative drums on Terminal Cognition. “Reflections” sounds somber and determined, though I don’t know what towards. While this isn’t the fastest or most energetic song, it still is a solid song with nice progression. It’s also the only track you can really hear bass on.

If you like one song on Terminal Cognition, you will like every single other song except possibly two: “Hell Bent” and/or “Reflections.” Don’t get me wrong, each song sounds unique from each other, but they have similar vibes going on. Terminal Cognition is a solid metal album that will get your head moving for a while.

Rate: 7.6/10

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