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Review: Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

Architechts is a Metalcore band from the United Kingdom. Since their formation in 2004, they have released seven albums: Nightmares (2006), Ruin (2007), Hollow Crown (2009), The Here and Now (2011), Daybreaker (2012), Lost Forever // Lost Together (2014) and All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (2016). The band’s current line-up is: Sam Carter (vocals), Dan Searle (drums), Alex Edwin Dean (bass), and Adam Christianson (guitars).

The album begins with the song Nihilist. I love the mid-range vocals by Carter. The melody that is barely audible around 50 seconds in is nice. I was surprised to hear a slow part towards the middle of the song. The breakdown that follows is sick. This is a good opening song.

The opening riff in Deathwish is catchy. I love the beat that follows. I found the drumming around two minutes in interesting. I hope to hear more drum solos/fills in the future from them. The clean vocals that are present in this song are performed well.

Phantom Fear begins with a sick guitar riff. Check out the guitar playing around 1:45. I like the slow pace. I really like how this band can have heavy parts and also softer parts and make both sound cool.

Downfall begins with an interesting combination of guitars and vocals. I like the increase in tempo that follows. Check out a sick breakdown at the end. This is a decent track.

I like the alternating guitars in the intro of Gone With The Wind. I was surprised to hear a kind of long softer part after. I found the breakdown-type riff around 1:20 enjoyable. I’m really enjoying the clean vocals in this album.

The intro to The Empty Hourglass surprised me. I wasn’t expecting an intro to focus on the vocals. This song has a few cool guitar riffs. I like the intense drumming at the outro.

A Match Made In Heaven has a really cool guitar riff in the intro that’s worth checking out. It’s not that fast but sounds great. Also check out the breakdown around 1:20. The outro has another sweet guitar riff.

The drumming in the intro to Gravity really impressed me. I love the fast beats that Searle can create. The outro has a nice heavy guitar piece.

The vocals in the beginning of All Love Is Lost are sick. I’m surprised to hear a slower-paced song from these guys.

This is a decent album. I’d give it 7.5 out of 10 stars.

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