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Review: Among the Prey – Only for the Blinded Eyes

Among the Prey is a Finnish melodic death metal band that brings some familiar sounds together with their own to create the magic that is Only for the Blinded Eyes, their debut full-length. Only for the Blinded Eyes combines old school metalcore (in the vein of Threat Signal) and melodic riffing in each song. Check Among the Prey out at Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud!

The vocals and guitar tone on lower strings remind me of Threat Signal and even Bleeding Through (just guitar tone for BT). The way the songs are structured are different from those bands and so are the riffs that are played for the most part. Only certain riffs really sound like Threat Signal, and that’s partly due to how the drummer plays. For example, during the chorus for “Beyond Repair” it sounds like Threat Signal (not so much the vocals though), but during the rest of the song it sounds different, except the breakdown. The breakdown sounds like something TS would do.

Each song plays at a pretty quick pace, save for “Burning Down in Hell.” That song is meant to headbang to, but not too fast so you don’t break your neck. “Burning Down in Hell” has a groove metal vibe to it and the drums are the backbone to that groove: they pretty much determine what you’re doing, and I’m okay with that. I know that’s usually the case, but when you hear it you will understand. “Pieces” does the same thing with the drums, but the riffs are vastly different and the leads here are a bit more melodic.

I know I’ve said this a bunch already, but I can’t not appreciate how well the mix between Threat Signal and death metal is on Only for the Blinded Eyes. As many times as I have and may reference to Threat Signal, Among the Prey definitely has their own unique sound and it is easy to tell the difference between the two bands. What Among the Prey does is go from either a death metal or groove metal type of riff, to a Threat Signal sounding section, back to the former style, does their own thing, and the last minute or so is usually a surprise. It could be a solo, it could be the same as the beginning, anything really. “Wake Up” and “Smile” do a good job at demonstrating this.

Of course Only for the Blinded Eyes has songs that sound nothing like Threat Signal, like “In Your Face,” “Two Worlds Colliding,” and “Dancing on Our Graves.” If you noticed, the more Threat Signal reminiscent stuff is the first half of the album while the rest sounds more distant/more like Among the Prey. With that in mind, the vocals and guitar tone are still similar to those of Threat Signal at times, but that’s about it. “Dancing on Our Graves” has a dominantly melodic (vs death metal) sound, which makes sense since it is the final track of Only for the Blinded Eyes. The sense of finality increases as the song progresses and kind of makes me feel sad that the album is over.

There weren’t many solos on Only for the Blinded Eyes, but the few that were on here were nice. I’m not a fan of obnoxious, random shredding type of solos. I much prefer something simpler and melodic over something that’s trying so hard to be technical it clashes with the song. I enjoy music that is riff-oriented and leads that justify a simple rhythm or drumming. So if you enjoy older metalcore, groove metal (to an extent, not completely), riff heavy songs, then Only for the Blinded Eyes is the album to check out. I liked every song on here, and I only have one minor complaint: turn the bass up! It’s only audible at very few moments throughout the whole album, and even then it’s hard to hear it. The bass can really beef up your sound and make it sound more complete. Otherwise, I really like Only for the Blinded Eyes.

Rate: 8.5/10

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