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Review: Allies To The Adversary – Deathbed

Review by Andriana.

Allies to the Adversary is a 5 piece deathcore band from Toronto, Canada. Deathbed is their first full­ length album. The first release was a self­ titled EP released in January of 2014. I had high hopes for this album and was anxious to see how ATTA would change their sound for their debut album. It can be bought on Bandcamp.

Right off the bat I noticed the difference in song quality. Everything sounds much clearer and precise; I was able to hear subtle rhythm and bass. The vocals sound much more developed and full than from the EP . Another thing I noticed was the inclusion of more riffs and having subtle rhythm to supplement each song, while the EP featured more chug­ reliant riffs. There seems to be much more development in instrumental and vocal work overall.

In songs such as “Overtaken” and “Mara” there are surreal melodies behind thick breakdowns and fast riffs. “Overtaken” and “Mara” are good songs to represent ATTA’s improvement because of said rhythm and melodies and vocal work while they bring forth some of the old moxie from the self­ titled EP. While these songs display a lot more technical prowess and elements of a few other metal sub ­genres, they are still very much deathcore songs and should please many of you. The vocals on “Mara” range from high screams to guttural depths.

The underlying guitar track(s) for “Brickyard” make the song sound evil or like a horror movie at times. The intro especially sounds creepy and made me anticipate a wall of horror. The cymbals and snare encompass and acknowledge the evil hands that close around your ears as you listen. There is a lot of good rhythm, syncopation, and mood establishment happening on “Brickyard.” The tempo is at a pace slow enough to feel anxious and fast enough to keep you locked in.

To contrast from the songs mentioned above, “Mushrooms” takes a new spin on ATTA’s music and Deathbed as a whole. This song is more melodic and fast­paced. The drums and background make “Mushrooms” have a heavier sound in one sense, and more exhilarating in another. I liked seeing how different this song is from ATTA’s early work. It shows they have a lot more to offer and prove that they are capable of serious improvement, growth, and change. Some fans hate when a band changes their sound, whether it’s a drastic change or something minor, but Deathbed counters the dislike of change. “Radiation” is another unique song. It has a slow build up to an explosive final minute of headbanging. The bass seems to be leading here while guitars provide almost a stage for bass.

Despite all the change this album brought, there is still that strand of ATTA that was likeable from the first EP and part of that is the knack for catchy breakdowns. This album displays what the band can do and still has heavy chugged sections wrapped up in an eloquent ribbon. Another great example of this is “Anesthesia (feat. Brendon Padjasek).” It is a very modern sounding metalcore song, but with electrifying riffs thrown in for pizzazz. I won’t go into more detail so as not to sound too repetitive.

I clearly enjoyed this album a lot and was blown away by how much ATTA has changed. I really can’t complain about this album at all. Nothing sounded repetitive or generic and everything flowed very well. The songs on Deathbed do not mash together when you listen straight through the album, which a lot of albums struggle with. None of the songs fell flat or were dry.

Rate: 9.2/10

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