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Review: Allegaeon – Proponent for Sentience

Allegaeon is a Modern Melodic Death Metal band from Denver/Fort Collins, Colorado. The band’s current line-up is: Riley McShane (vocals), Greg Burgess (guitar), Michael Stancel (guitar), Corey Archuleta (bass), and Brandon Park (drums). Since the band was created in 2008, they have released four albums: Fragments of Form and Function, Form Shifter, Elements of the Infinite, and Proponent for Sentience.

Proponent for Sentience I – The Conception has some pretty cool orchestral music and build up in the beginning. Around two minutes in the band kicks in. Park has some really cool drumming. McShane does a good job delivering mid-ranged vocals throughout this song. 4:08 – 4:35 has a sick guitar solo that’s a nice addition to the song. I like the guitar riff around the five minute mark. It’s fast and sounds like there’s a lot of hammer-ons and pull-offs. What follows is a really nice guitar solo.

The beginning to All Hail Science is rather interesting. There’s a weird sound followed by sick guitar and drum pieces. We get to hear a growl by McShane as well which I wasn’t expecting. There is some group shouts in this song adding to it’s variety. 2:06 has some more shredding for us guitar solo fans.

I like the synchronized screaming around 30 seconds in during the next song, From Nothing. McShane is using a lot more highs in this song. There’s another guitar solo around 1:30 that has a stop-and-go feeling to it. There’s another great guitar solo at 3:21. The outro is nice. It has a sick head-banging sound to it.

The acoustic guitar in the intro to Gray Matter Mechanics – Apassionata Ex Machinea is really nice. It has a classical feel. Later on an electric guitar copies the same feel. McShane does a good job delivering various screams and synched vocals. 3:23 – 4:05 has another killer guitar solo. 4:42 has a nice stop-and-go feeling that alternates between acoustic and electric guitars. Check out the last couple minutes of this song if you want to hear some cool acoustic guitar.

The intro to Of Mind and Matrix is great. The riffs and lead guitar playing are written well and the drumming is insanely fast. Check out a nice guitar solo at 3:21. There’s some crazy drumming at the end of the solo too.

Proponent for Sentience II – The Algorithm begins with marching-style drumming and orchestral music that accompanies the drumming well. 4:28 has a sweet guitar riff that is a nice change. At 6:07 there’s another guitar solo that has a lot of cool bends in it.

The first guitar riff in Demons of an Intricate Design caught my attention. I like how it sounds cool and doesn’t sound that complicated. Check out a nice guitar solo at 2:19. In parts of the solo it has an up-and-down feeling to it that I found interesting.

Terrathaw and the Quake begins with some more classical guitar playing followed by a sick electric guitar riff. McShane lets out a brutal scream at 0:54 that stands out. Don’t forget to check out more guitar solos: 2:56, 3:48, 4:23, and 4:58.

Cognitive Computations starts out surprisingly slow. The drumming is done really well. I love the double bass. There’s a unique part (2:42) where there’s some clean singing.

The Arbiters has a really nice piano piece in the intro. The instruments that follow are sick. I love the melody with the constant drum beat. The melody at 2:43 is also nice. I was surprised to hear an acoustic guitar around three minutes in.

There is a killer guitar solo that follows the intro of Proponent for Sentience III – Extermination. There’s a pretty nice chorus around 1:10. They did a great job in writing the guitar section of this song.

The guitar riff in the intro to Subdivisions has a very distorted guitar riff that I found unique to the album. The clean vocals are done well. I found the guitar solo around two minutes in nice. I enjoyed the combination of slow and fast playing.

This is a pretty cool album. I would give this album an 8 out of 10. Be sure to check them out on social media. You can purchase this album through the band’s bandcamp page.

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