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Review: Akeldama – Everything Beautiful

In 2013, progressive metal/ djent band Akeldama released their debut concept album, Everything Beautiful. The album tells the story of a couple, from the moment the meet to the day they die.

The story goes like this:

In A New Beginning, he meets her on the train (the train represents the moving on to a different part of life). He then loses her, and finds her again. A tragic accident leaves her brain dead in Still Heart. He debates pulling the plug, and he pulls the plug in “Desolate and Lost.” He then decides to kill himself, and that happens in “Apotheosis” (represented by the orchestral swell). He encounters a demon in “In This Life, And The Next,” and the demon purposes a deal – they both get to live, but they will be without any memory of each other.

“In Into Infernus,” he basically becomes a hopeless drug addict. The album at this point basically bounces between them about how their love is so strong and inexorable, that not even the deal with the demon can keep them apart. They met again in “Love Forever Threaded,” where they meet again their memories are restored. “Then in Everything Beautiful,” they live out their days and hope to meet again in another life.

The album flows beautifully and though I’m not too fond about the vocals, the melodic riffs and beautiful lyrics make up for the vocals. All in all, this album is really good and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Rate: 9/10

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  • Hannah Browne on

    An absolutely amazing album I can say that. Has a dramatic feel which definately brings out the story; building up with every track. Great review; story line is explained very well and brings out the meaning of this whole album. Definitely recommend it as well!!

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