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Review: Acidiun – 9 Circles

Acidiun is a 5-piece Swedish deathcore band that has graced us with their latest EP called 9 Circles. Sticking true to their description of “metal right in your face” is this 3-track EP that is full of energy. Listen to/check out/purchase 9 Circles and Acidiun on Spotify, Facebook, Youtube, and Bandcamp!

Starting off 9 Circles is “Strolling Downwards” and I would say it is the appropriate song to start with because of the energy it carries the whole time. The rhythm guitar keeps a consistent chugged riff with bass and drum support while the lead guitar will throw in some melodic leads. There is a very raw sound on 9 Circles; the drums sound like they are in the same room as you, the vocals have an unfiltered tone, and the guitars do not sound over produced. The production/mixing/mastering on the bass is splendid and gives the bassist optimal opportunity to really show off or just lay down a nice line. I guess all of that is necessary or obvious if I said “Strolling Downwards” has so much energy. A quick word about the vocals: they are in the vain of post-hardcore mixed with traditional metalcore vocals. I don’t really know the names of different vocal styles, so please forgive me for that. The vocals get low during the heavier parts, like during most of the ending.

“Professionals and Convicts” does not carry the same energy as the first song, but it still has a very true feeling to it. I think the vocal technique pairs well with the main riff and guitar tones here. “Professionals and Convicts” slows down and speeds up a few times (not meaning it goes off time), especially the half way point. After that, the song gets quite a bit more enjoyable as it just kicks up the heat a bit.

The final and most deathcore sounding song on 9 Circles is “Boiling Inside.” It doesn’t do Acidiun justice to bracket them under deathcore because they do have other elements of metal fused into a deathcore dominant sound, but I’m going to stick with deathcore to keep things simple. “Boiling Inside” has the energy from “Strolling Downwards” with an extra kick to it. “Boiling Inside” really puts things in your face like hardcore songs do, but with fun riffs. The song progression is really solid and makes all of the riffs and breakdown flow organically. Each part falls into place as if it were born that way. There is definitely a hardcore vibe in this song so look out for that. I rather like the way “Boiling Inside” is done and I find it a suitable ending track with a great ending too: it ends with the drums slowly letting the cymbals ring out more and a sick riff.

I like 9 Circles and see potential in Acidiun to bring us more good content in the future. I wouldn’t call 9 Circles strictly deathcore at all because the vocals and certain leads give a hardcore sound, but a little heavier.


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