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Review: Abhorrent Decimation – Miasmic Mutation

Abhorrent Decimation is a Death Metal band from London, UK. Their line-up consists of Ashley Scott on vocals, Dave McKinney and Will Cooke both playing guitars, Ryan Dennington on the drums, and David Archer on bass. Since their formation in May 2013, they have released an ep called Infected Celestial Utopia (2013) and the album that I’ll be reviewing, Miasmic Mutation (2015).

The guitars in this album are great. I like how they can write fast-paced riffs, solos and melodies. Check out Glaciate the Servants, Eternal Repulsion, and Souls of Sedation for some sick guitar solos. The guitars are my favorite part of this album. …For the Desperately Lost is another sick track that has a sweet, shredding, guitar solo in it with a headbanging riff towards the end. I find the headbanging riffs along with the solos in this album refreshing.

Dennington starts off the album with insane speed on the drums. I really like the use of the double bass in Glaciate the Servants. His consistent speed on the drums impressed me. He does give the listener great drum fills throughout this album. He adds a lot of headbanging moments in this album by playing along with the guitars well. Eternal Repulsion is one of my favorite songs on this album because of the drumming. There’s a lot of fills, sick drum beats, and of course, fast drumming.

The vocals in this album are pretty good. Scott mainly uses lows. Even though he mainly uses one style of singing throughout this album, he does it well. Eternal Repulsion is a sick track that demonstrates the different types of screams that Scott can do. He can also growl fast.

Overall, this is a good album. I really like how they have a nice amount of guitar solos spread throughout the album. The vocals are sweet but I would like to hear more highs in the future. I found the drums sick. Maybe they could find places for drums solos in their next album. I would give this album an 8.5 out of 10. You can purchase their album on the band’s bandcamp page.

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