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Review: Abandoned Elysium – Unmasked

First of all, I’d like to urge all of you (or whoever reads my stuff or whatever) to send me links, bands I should check out, EPs and all that good $%^t. Speaking of which, I received a review request for Abandon Elysium’s latest offering, and let me tell you, it’s rather nice. The production is polished, yet not too “shiny”, the vocals are amazing, the guitar,bass and drum work is top level. Respect for the band, respect for Tallinn and the Estonian extreme metal scene.

Abandoned Elysium represent their country, earning their place among the progressive scene.

The intro is very well composed, followed by “My Saviour” – the overall feel is extremely atmospheric, with a touch of brutality (especially the drums). The synth work is marvelous.
“GOD CEO” starts with a mysterious melody, it really gets the attention – especially considering the immediate storm of breakdowns afterwards. These are some really good prog/tech breakdowns, mind you, you’ll love them (if that’s not your sort of thing, stop reading).

“Sun & Water” is an amazing song, I just love the vocal work, huge respect for the dual female/male vocal combo – it’s flawless. Definitely my favourite, though it might seem it’s too accessible to some. “Entropy” is centered around some very good riffs, the whole structure of the song is chaotic, scattered, yet heavy at the same time. Solid track, also a favourite. The closing song “The Balance” is superb, definitely a masterful final for this solid gem of an EP.

Overall, this EP is awesome, check it! (purchase it on their Bandcamp)

For fans of: Abigail Williams, synthesizers, Dead Silence Hides My Cries, progressive deathcore, Prince of Persia

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  • Samuel Mcleod on

    Awesome! I’ve always liked Abandoned Elysium and I will be sure to check this out!

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