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Review: A Wake In Providence – Insidious

Review by Andriana.

A Wake in Providence is a five piece deathcore band from New York City, New York. Insidious, released in June 2015, is AWIP’s debut EP and was independently produced. You can purchase or listen to Insidious on Spotify, iTunes, the Google Play Store, and Big Cartel.

Insidious is a fun and hard­ hitting deathcore EP that is short enough to get your fix, but not too long to bore you or hold you up. AWIP tends to stick to a slow breakdown formula, but there are several breakdowns that are quicker. They come at you in unexpected, yet appropriate moments. Each time I listened to Insidious, I found myself having trouble selecting a favorite song or even the right song to sum up the AWIP sound. While each song has its own grooves, riffs, structures, you can tell it is the same band. Any song you listen to from Insidious will project AWIP’s core sound (hah, core). The only track that does not sound anything like the rest is “Doom.” “Doom” is an introductory track that builds a doom­-and­-gloom mood. Wailing and other cries lurk behind an ominous wind, slowing building up until “Seeker” swipes you from the dark alley that was “Doom.

“Seeker” is one of the songs that features slow breakdowns and a more typical deathcore song structure one would expect by having an introductory breakdown that morphs into a slower breakdown. The down ­tuned guitars and bass ring out for measures at a time, almost pulling you down with the fade of the distortion. “Seeker” propels you out of the down ­tuned abyss into an area of a catchy, heavy riff. This song has more breakdowns than some of the others, but riffs are played in between with the occasional melodic lead to keep your ears busy. “Insidious (feat. Bryan Long)” is one of the songs that tied position for my favorite song. It has a haunting intro that suddenly breaks free of the mood building shell into an explosion of a death metal styled groove. There are more atmospheric and death metal elements in “Insidious (feat. Bryan Long)” with the leads, speedy sections, and supporting effects in a few sections. The vocals match perfectly with the contrasting parts of the song and overall instrumental tones. Chris Gonzalez’s vocals remind me of Scott Lewis (Carnifex) and Orion Stephens (In Dying Arms) mixed together, but in a higher pitch.

The other song that tied position for my favorite song is “Black Mass (feat. Dickie Allen).” This song is fast and aggressive throughout its entirety. This song has more cooperative guitar duality that creates more sounds rather than a wall of chugs, even though that works too sometimes. “Black Mass (feat. Dickie Allen)” is an angry song that does not let up in any aspect: it has a sick breakdown, brutal drums that smash cymbals, and the guitar work I already mentioned. I really like the drums and vocals in this song. The drums have a lot more going on in this song than the rest, with the fills and heavy use of the ride/bell combination. Even though the vocals are the same, with the addition of Dickie Allen, they just suit this song so well.

Insidious is a good deathcore EP to listen to for its ambient qualities and for its song order. Each song flows right into the next as if they were streams that led to the same lake. Insidious has different traits about it that many people can get down to: the vocals, the breakdowns, the ambiance, and the structures. If you like slower deathcore songs you can listen to “Euthanasia” or “Seeker.” If you like to hear a more prominent death metal influence you can listen to “Black Mass (feat. Dickie Allen)” or “Insidious (feat. Bryan Long).” Perhaps you like to hear a mixture of all of that; you can listen to “Bane” or “Insidious (feat. Bryan Long).” If you don’t like everything that’s featured on Insidious, you will most likely enjoy two songs. With all that said, it is clear AWIP has made their mark in the deathcore scene and will succeed if they produce more material like Insidious.

Rate: 8/10

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