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Review: 2X4 – MCMLII

Review by Adriana.

The album of interest this week is 2X4’s newest release MCMLII. 2X4 is a four ­piece metalcore act from Oklahoma.

Every instrument and vocals were presented with clarity, leaving nothing out. Production done as well as this makes everything sound more full and complete. The first three songs flowed into each other very well without an awkward pause or transition. The first song, “Volition”, starts with a heavy, headbanging riff. It is a very catchy yet heavy song with groove and melodic influences. Gritty vocals and appropriate relaxed drum fills is the skin on the meat of the song. previous song and follows into the heavy groove vibe from “Volition.” The songs “Rot” and “Destroy (A Mother’s Beauty)” are a bit heavier. “Rot” features more intense drumming, a guitar solo, and more lower­end chugs from guitars and the bass. “Destroy (A Mother’s Beauty)” also has a guitar solo and intense drums, but even more so than “Rot.” This song definitely displays

2X4’s prowess in the metal scene because it has the fast/pummeling sections, heavy breakdowns, almost visceral bass parts that turn your stomach (in a good way), and the heavy/groovy riff to fatten the song more. “Adversary” breaks the pattern of blending songs into each other, but it still retains heavy groove riffs and drums to match. The near visceral bass returns on this track with constant guitar and drum involvement, coming at you with full force.

As a whole I enjoyed the album and found it to be admirable in a few ways: the spot ­on production, the deep and gritty vocals, and the heavy riffs. The only negative thing I can say about the album is that the songs can be indiscernible when listened to consecutively. I listened to the album about five times in a row so that could be why I feel that way, I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Putting five consecutive listens aside, I rate this album 8/10.

You can purchase MCMLII via iTunes, Bandcamp, or Google Play now!

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