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Remains of the Tyrant – Filth [REVIEW]

Listen / Name Your Price (via Bandcamp)
Genre(s): Death Metal/Deathcore
Remains of the Tyrant’s EP Filth is a mix of raw death metal and deathcore, more of the former than the latter. It has six songs and roughly 15 minutes worth of listening materials. It’s a tad bit short for six songs, but beggars cannot be choosers.
The third song is “Embalming Fluid.” It is an instrumental song filled with grunge-y and raw sounding guitar playing. There is a guitar solo midway through the song. Other than the guitar playing, there are some drums to be heard, but they are subtle.
The fifth song is “Programmed to Slavery” and this song hits you hard from start to finish. The pace of the song very upbeat and fast, kind of similar to the pace of trash metal. Instrumentally, it sticks to guitar riffs and blast beats for the most part. It is a bit technical here and there also. Vocally, the vocalist sticks to high and low screams. The high screams are the main type of scream used, and they’re quite high pitched. The low screams are very brutal and raw sounding, which is awesome.
Filth is a very raw, sometimes brutal, fast, and overall heavy album. The audio quality of the EP is okay, but I think with the lack of quality it gives the album a more grittier sound that I enjoy more. The only gripe I have is that the album is pretty short lived with only having 15 minutes worth of materials, but I cannot complain too much as the album is ‘name your price.’ Other than that, it’s a pretty solid death metal album that I recommend you checking out!

Score: 3.5/5

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