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Reflection Dies – Corrupted Throne [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore/Metalcore
Reflection Dies’ album Corrupted Throne is a mix of metalcore and deathcore. It is a bit more deathcore than metalcore. It has eight tracks and roughly 30 minutes worth of listening materials. If you’re into the guitar chugging type of deathcore, you’ll enjoy this album.
The second song off of this album is “Paradise Paradox.” The pace it really fast and upbeat. The instrumentals are mostly guitar chugging, with some exceptions here and there with riffs. There are some blast beats in one portion of the song as well. Vocally, it has all varieties of vocals; low screams, mid screams, high screams, and clean singing. The low screams are good, mid screams are okay, and the high screams are fine. The cleaning siging is okay and doesn’t take up a large portion of the song.
The title track and fifth track off this album is “Corrupted Throne.” The pace is roughly the same as the previous song, except near the middle portion of the song it is a bit slower. Instrumentally, there is more riff-age in this song than the other, but there are some parts with guitar chugging. Also, during the slow part of the song, there are blast beats to be heard. The vocals are about the same, but there is whisper screaming instead of clean singing in this song. The whisper screams are during the middle part of the song and it works well with the instrumentals.
Corrupted Throne is a solid deathcore album with some metalcore influences. Each song does sound similar to each other, and the instrumentals and vocals lack variety, but that doesn’t make the album less than what it is.  The instrumentals are solid, vocals are good, and the album itself has about 30 minutes of listening materials, so you get what you paid for. So, if you’re into chuggy deathcore, I’d recommend checking out Corrupted Throne!

Score: 3/5

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