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Reaping Asmodeia – The Moribund Resurrection [REVIEW]

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Genre: Progressive Deathcore 
The Moribund Resurrection is Reaping Asmodeia’s most recent release. It has three songs, roughly 10 minutes worth of material, and is definitely one of the best EPs to release this year. Though it only has three songs, it is definitely worth checking out. Also, it gives fans a taste of what Reaping Asmodeia’s upcoming LP will sound like.
“Poison Of The Earth” is the first song on this EP. Right off the bat it starts with a progressive sound, primarily because of Alexander’s guitar playing, and it also has a really “in your face” kind of feel to it. This is because it is very fast pace and doesn’t let up. The whole band are all in sync to bring you a very progressive, yet heavy, deathcore song. This serves as a fantastic song to use as an introduction for this EP.

The third song off this EP, “External Fixator,” has a more technical side to it, but it doesn’t stray away from Reaping Asmodeia’s progressive sound. Moreover, it has the same kind of fast pace feel to it that “Poison Of The Earth” has. It, also, has a lot going on throughout the entire track; however, it is not overwhelmingly chaotic and still is enjoyable to listen to.

The only gripe I have with this EP is that it is too short. I understand that bands may not have the time, or funds, to put out a lengthier EP/album; however, I could have waited a bit longer if it meant that they could put out a longer EP.
Score: 4.5 / 5
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