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Precursor – Threnody [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Progressive Deathcore
Precursor’s album Threnody is a nice mesh of djent and deathcore. They do not overdo the djent kind of sound, nor do they overdo the deathcore kind of sound. They seem to split or combine those two types of sound together fairly well among the songs on the album. The audio quality of the album is good as well, and everything can be heard clearly. Threnody is seven tracks in length and has about 30 minutes worth of materials. This is a solid amount for an album that is free to download.

“Tears of the Beast; Part 1” is the third song off of this album. This is the shortest song on the album, being two minutes and 52 seconds long. This song keeps to the guitar chugging type of deathcore, with the exception with some progressive guitar sounds mixed in. The vocals stick to low screams and high screams, so you’ll find no gutturals or pig squeals here. Instrumentally, it keeps the same pace throughout the entire song, which is guitar chugging mixed with progressive influences. There isn’t much variety besides that, which I find off putting. 

The sixth song is “To Wonderland” and has a progressive deathcore sound to it for, pretty much, the entire song. It doesn’t stray far from this, and sounds very similar to “Tears of the Beast; Part 1.” Vocally it sticks to the same style the previous song has too, with the except with some guttural-like low screams heard near the end of the song. Instrumentally, it is roughly the same as well as the previous song, which is disappointing.
Threnody is a well put together progressive deathcore album. Precursor sticks to the sound of progressive deathcore to the tee without venturing too far from that sound. This is something I found disappointing, as I am a fan of variety of music and bands adventuring from the cookie-cutter type of sound that is very prevalent in the underground metal scene. Anyway! If you’re into progressive deathcore, or deathcore with djent influences, you’ll like Threnody. It’s free to download on their Bandcamp page!

Score: 2.5/5

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