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Plague Of Darkness – Seas Of Sin [REVIEW]

Genre: Deathcore
Seas Of Sin is Plague Of Darkness’s debut EP with five tracks and around 25 minutes worth of material. It is an average deathcore album, and there are no standout qualities on the EP. The only difference between normal deathcore and Seas Of Sin is that Seas of Sin is not filled with guitar chugging, has a more death metal feel to it, and there really aren’t any breakdowns.
The introduction song “A Deadly Affair” starts out with drum work by Matt and low screams by Merl. This song’s pace doesn’t really change throughout the song, but Merl’s vocal range is well shown here. He does low screams, and gutturals in different parts of the song. While on the topic of Merl’s vocals, I think his vocals are good but could use some improvements. I believe the vocals could be more clear, instead of raspy; unless the raspy sound is what he’s going for. 
“You Will Always Stand Still” is the fifth track on this album, and it starts with screams by Merl, and a different pace and tone than “A Deadly Affair” had. It uses a more djent-esque guitar tone, and the pace itself is something you can follow along to; which I like a lot. The vocal range is very similar to what it was in “A Deadly Affair” as well. The ending of the song is a breakdown, not the normal breakdown, because it breaks up every few seconds for Merl’s vocals.
Overall, Seas Of Sin is a decent deathcore album and should be given a chance. It may not have many, if any, standout qualities or have any uniqueness to it but it’s not bad. I do think Merl’s vocals could use some improvement, and they should improve their audio quality before the release of future material.
Score: 3 / 5
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