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Phil Bozeman, of Whitechapel, joins forces with Infant Annihilator!

Whitechapel, a popular deathcore band coming out from the United States, and Infant Annihilator, a two piece (originally three) deathcore band based out of the UK will be joining forces to bring the long awaited full length album from Infant Annihilator.

Before I get into the details, I’ll give some back story for Infant Annihilator for those who don’t know. The band came onto the underground metal scene in early 2012 with some stand alone singles, which gained them a lot of attention, then they released their debut album The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution via Total Deathcore in 2012.

The album was highly praised and is still praised today, but soon after the release, their vocalist, Dan Watson, left the band (later to form a deathcore band named Enterprise Earth, which released an EP on We Are Triumphant records in 2014), and then the guitarist, Eddie, went on hiatus from the band to join back within a month or two. Eddie and the drummer, Aaron, joined (or helped to form) a down tuned/beatdown band Black Tongue, coming out from the UK as well, and ever since then, the band hasn’t released any new music (besides the instrumental version of The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution in 2014).

The fans of Infant Annihilator have been wanting more from the band for a few years, and recently, an attendee at the St. Louis, MO date of Whitechapel’s tour, the Brotherhood of the Blade Tour, caught up with Phil and talked to him about his plans for this upcoming year, and 2016. He had this to say,

The plan is to keep touring and pushing Whitechapel as far as it can go. We’ll be writing new material, but there’s no plan for a new album anytime soon. But for myself, I plan on collaborating with an Internet band in my spare time. It falls in line with my interest with doing Internet things, like my gaming YouTube channel, so this’ll be something new for me to tackle.

The band is called Infant Annihilator, they seem pretty popular on Facebook. The two members play in Black Tongue, awesome band, and I guess they were searching for a vocalist. When I heard their music, I knew I wanted to work with them. But with them being on tour over the past year or so, and Whitechapel putting out a new album and touring as well, we really didn’t have time to start anything. This year, slowly but surely, I’ll be tracking vocals when I can for their new album. I think they already have all the instrumental stuff down, so that’ll speed up the process.

Can’t really reveal anything else, but definitely be on the lookout for it later this year, or early 2016.

I can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us. It’s going to be fucking insane.

Edit: As you could imagine, this was an April Fools’ joke. Although it was be awesome to see Phil work with Infant Annihilator, I doubt it would ever happen. 

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  • Gustavo on

    April first

  • Jessie Nelson on

    please tell me this isn’t an April fools joke.

  • Ian on

    April fools :/

  • Tony on

    Interesting, It will be interesting to hear what comes of this!

  • kmp1337 on

    April fools?

  • Blazeblack99 on

    Please dont let this be april fools.

  • Daisy on



  • cole on

    so much yes

  • Mick on

    WTF?! Why would you do that?! I just read this in July, and thought ‘Holy shit!!!”
    You have crushed my soul.

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