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Pear Of Anguish – Self Creation [REVIEW]

Genre: Deathcore
Pear of Anguish’s debut EP Self Creation has five songs and about 10 minutes worth of materials. It is definitely something to check out if you’re into heavy deathcore, because that’s about all you will get out of this EP. The most notable thing about this EP is Justin’s vocals, because his vocals are very raw, raspy, and strong.
The third song on this EP, “Gay Pornstar Cannibal” starts out with guitar riffs and high screams. The vocals transition into very deep and raspy low screams. There is a breakdown at around 0:50 and 1:35, however the latter is mixed with a pig squeal. The sound of this song is the normal deathcore sound, mostly variations of guitar chugging, breakdowns, low and high screams, etc. The song is not fast paced but not really slow paced either, it is somewhere in the middle.
“Self Creation” is the final song on this album, and it starts out with guitar chugging and guitar sweeps. It transitions into a slower rhythm; guitar, bass, and drums works in sync. Vocals come in strong and fast by Justin, they’re not as low as they were in “Gay Pornstar Gannibal.” However, they’re still very raw and powerful. At 1:07 there is a guitar solo that goes until 2:01, and at that time the song goes back to the exact same sound it had in the beginning. This continues and ends out the song.
Self Creation is a good deathcore album and really shows how well Pear of Anguish sounds. The album does have some variety, but majority of it is very raw and heavy deathcore. Like I stated previously, the vocals stand out the most on this album, which is a good thing because they’re very good. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this album, because it’s a pretty solid album, except some of the songs are shorter than I like. If you’re a deathcore fan, you should check out Self Creation!

Score: 4 / 5

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  • Guillaume Villeneuve on

    I’m the drummer in the band pear of anguish and scream in “self creation” is less low than that in “Gay Pornstars Cannibal” because low and pig squeal in this song are done by me like in the rest of the EP .

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