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Parasite – Invasion [REVIEW]

Purchase: Physical
Genre: Thrash / Grindcore / Deathcore
Parasite’s 2011 album, Invasion, is a mix of grindcore, deathcore, and thrash metal which makes for a pretty awesome combination. The album itself is 14 tracks long, which gives you about 40 minutes of material. I think for the price they are selling ($12 to $14) it for it is a steal. This album definitely has a distinct sound to it, and it sounds like nothing I have reviewed before. It has a more old school trash metal sound to it with the vocals, but at the same time has the chugging and breakdowns of deathcore, and also the fast paced tempo of grindcore.
“Machete” is the third song on this album, which instantly starts out with a pig squeals and upbeat sound, making your head bop to the beat. It quickly turns to different sound, more guitar riffs, and a different style of vocals. The vocals by Grinnoff and Timmey are well done in this song. The transition from old school trash metal vocals and deathcore vocals are well done and make for a good combination. Other than the vocal transitions, the guitar and drums transition from a deathcore style song of minor chugging and fast bass pedal, to guitar riffs and drum rhythms.

The tenth track “Drown In Mud” starts with ambient sounds, but soon starts with a heavy breakdown and low vocals. This song sounds more like old school death metal than anything else, and that may be why this is my favorite song on this album. The tempo is very upbeat, the guitars, drums, and bass work very well together to present with a more haphazardly produced sound (kudos to Porno, Timmey, Grinoff, and Shizzle). This song strays far from the deathcore sound “Machete” or any other song on this album has.

These are just two tracks from this album, and the rest of them are as great if not better. If you are a fan of old school death metal, trash metal, deathcore, grindcore, or combination of any of these; you should definitely pick up this album. The only gripe is that it could have been produced better, and with better audio quality. This is a great album, and I am glad I own it.

Album Score: 4.8 / 5

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