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Pangaea – Unified [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Melodic Metalcore/Math

Pangaea’s debut release Unified is set to release on March 1, 2014. They sent me an early copy to review, and I am glad that they did. This album reminds me of an old All That Remains, but a bit more heavier and with more melodic and math influences. Unified has four songs and roughly 20 or so minutes worth of listening materials. As of this review, there is nowhere to pre-order the album, but more than likely will be up on their Facebook page on the day of release.

The third song is “Panoptas” and it’s about three minutes long, the shortest song off of the EP. The pace of the song is upbeat, with the exception of some parts here and there that are less upbeat and slow. This song has a melodic influence throughout the entire song, and it reminds me of old school metalcore (prior to the popularity of guitar chugging). There are parts with some minor guitar chugging and small breakdowns. The vocals vary from high screams, mid screams, and clean singing. Mid screams are the most used scream and there are very, very good. They sound powerful and raw. The singing is well done as well, not high pitched sounding, and is also in only one portion of the song.

The following song is “Oneironaut” and it’s a little over five minutes long. This song is upbeat but is a lot slower compared to the previous song. It is a lot more melodic than the other songs as well, which you can hear from the beginning of the song. There are parts with more riff-age, guitar chugging, and some small breakdowns here and there. There is also a guitar solo about midway through the song, and near the end of the song, it becomes more math-y sounding. Vocally, it sticks to the same as “Panoptas” did, but with more high screams and clean singing. Neither are overdone in the song, and there is a nice balance between the three types of vocals; high screams, mid screams, and clean singing.

Unified is a good and solid metalcore album with influences from math metal and melodic metal. The way Pangaea combines those three types of music is very well done. If you are into old school metalcore, melodic metalcore, metalcore with math metal influences, and so and so fourth, definitely check out this EP when it drops on March 1st!

Score: 4/5

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