Interview with Watch Us Fade!

Band: Watch Us Fade
Genre: Deathcore
Q: What were your reasons for choosing the band name “Watch Us Fade.”

I believe that the name Watch Us Fade came storming out of nowhere and jut seemed to click for us. For quite a while before we got any actual music made, we toyed with various different names; most of them which were shite. Then it was our guitarist at the time whom suggested the name Watch Us Fade to us; and we accepted. Ever since then its just sort of stuck; and has become a part of what we are.

Q: Your most recent EP, Into The Fade, was released in September. How was the feedback?

Into The Fade wasn’t so much of an EP as messing around a little bit with our pals trying to create something for a laugh. However, when we started to distribute it amongst our friends; we found that we had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to it; despite the fact that some of the songs didn’t even made sense of have much to them in the way of…well, anything really! Some comments were raised about the mixing; which I admit; wasn’t the greatest. But since then we have definitely improved upon our music to a whole new degree.

Q: When can we expect new material in 2013?

In a couple of months! Since our original drummer and guitarist left the band we have refined our musical skills and completely redeveloped our genre and style. Whereas before we emulated a sort of metalcore type of music; since the departure of previous members we have only got a great deal heavier and a great deal more brutal. We now play a sort of fusion across a wide range of the more extreme sub-genres of metal such as black, death and grindcore; and to be honest, we fucking love it! We aren’t really a band that takes everything super serious, as we prefer to have fun when we make our music; but to us the new EP is like our baby. We’ve got aggression, power, sorrow and despair all combined into a boiling pot of around six tracks, which we should be recording in mid February to early March. The new release will be called Past, Present, Hell  and will be free to download.

Q: You’re currently not signed to a record label, if you had the choice of any label to be signed to. Which label would that be?

I think that I would most likely go for Metal Blade records. The reason for this being that it holds some of my favourite bands such as Amon Amarth, Whitechapel and Cannibal Corpse; and being signed to a big label like them would get our tracks out to way more than we ever could peddaling our wares across the local scene and desparately trying to get some people whom listen to metal to give us a chance, haha!

Q: How’s the underground metal scene in Tamworth?

Absolutely shite. There is quite literally nothing in the style of what we do. We’re a tiny little town just north of Birmingham, UK – so the greatest amount of metal that we can claim is to be the birthplace of Blaze Bayley…wonderful. There is basically us and one or two other bands that can claim to be “heavy metal” and we are the heaviest of them all. But in ways I suppose that is good because we look out for each other, and let each other know if there are any opportunities for gigging. Only the other week we got told not to bother turning up for a gig as they didn’t like ‘our kind’ in there. Bastards.

Q: What are your views on illegally downloading music?

Shite happens. All of the Watch Us Fade material will always be available as a free download as I strongly believe that music doesn’t belong to anyone. Although I assume companies will tell me wrong…artists should indeed be paid for the work that they have done; but at the same time I would never say no to giving out free tracks because it will always increase your publicity. I wouldn’t ever turn someone away because they can’t afford our EP – especially around here, everyone seems to be broke! So yeah…illegal downloading is fine by me.

Q: Any shout outs to give to the readers?

If you are fans of true brutality then please head over to our pages and give us a like/follow/whatever. We really could use some little publicity so we can actually be heard outside of our hometown! We will be releasing some extremely heavy material soon so stay tuned; cause we’re cranking up the volume. Stay brutal!

Answered by Connor Sanders, vocalist of Watch Us Fade.

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Interview with The Bleeding Process!

Band: The Bleeding Process
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where does your band name “The Bleeding Process” come from?

I (Johnny, vocalist) studied English Literature and Language in college and although or the most part it was boring feminist shit we did briefly touch on mental asylums in the 1940 – 50’s which picked up the pace for me a bit. They used to believe that insanity was caused by ‘bad blood’ so used to bleed the patients from their main arteries, usually inner thigh and wrists in an attempt to bleed out the insanity and cure them. This was called The Bleeding Process and to me, was just nuts considering this was only 60 years ago.

Q: You’ve shared the stage with a good amount of bands; The Bridal Procession, Martyr Defiled, Continent, etc. Which one has been your favorite so far?

So far, it has to be Martyr Defiled! They have been a collective favourite of all of ours for a while so when the chance came up to play with them we jumped at it. Such a good band and despite what we heard, some of the most sound and down to earth guys we’ve met and played with. They really enjoyed our set as well which was a massive boost for us, spurred us on to do more with the band as we’re apparently doing something right!

Q: Your EP, Martyrs, released recently. How has been the feedback for the EP?

The feedback has been brilliant from Martyrs to be honest, we were a bit cautious as we recorded and mastered ourselves but it proved to be worth the effort we put in! We had a few positive reviews, one that springs to mind was Heavypetal, was a bit of a back handed review. Started off saying he wanted to hate it but ended up not being able to find much fault so that pleased us.

Q: You’re currently not signed to a label. Which label would you prefer to be signed to the most?

So many great bands are signed to so many labels that’s actually a difficult question! We’d ideally like to be working with the larger ones like Metal Blade, Earache and Nuclear Blast who just signed Thy Art Is Murder. We’d throw ourselves 110% into a label so hopefully the hunt won’t be on for too long.. Let’s see what this year brings.

Q: You’re currently working on a new EP for 2013. What can expect from it, and will it be similar to your Martyrs EP?

Yeah we’ve got a few ideas we’re just starting to put into practice now and seeing what works, we’re very pleased with what’s being done so far and can’t wait to show you guys! The material we’re writing now is slightly different from the tracks on Martyrs, in the same vein and still heavy as fuck, but something everyone can always move to. Having a track that you can constantly chuck yourself about to is key! We’ve just dropped a new track called ‘Plagues’ which we are also currently working out a lyric video for, it’s kind of like the stepping stone from Marytyrs to what we’re going to be doing now.

Q: What bands play an influence on your music?

It’s mental how much music we as band listen too. When we say a bit of everything, we literally mean EVERYTHING. Obviously we have the heaver hitters like Whitechapel, Suffokate, All Shall Perish and Martyr Defiled, but individually it’s hard. I’d say our guitarist Jimmy draws a lot of inspiration from The Acacia Strain whereas Tom is more Feign orientated. Kip (bass) is into his post hardcore, Dance Gavin Dance, Norma Jean and often provides us with the melody to our tracks. Will (drummer) takes a lot from Joey Jordison and other old school band, so when you throw it all together you really get a bit mix it gives us a bigger sound. Vocally and lyrically I’d have to say mine would be Nick Arthur ex Molotov Solution or Hernan Herminda from All Shall Perish.

Q: Have any shout outs to give?

First would have to be to Adam Rooke, the man responsible for our lyric video, top bloke and knows what he is doing, seeing what he’s doing with this video is blowing our minds! Our boys in Murder Circuit need a mention too. They may not be as heavy as us but they are one of the hardest working bands we know and definitely deserve something for their hard work. Fourth Autumn and Charnel House too, both amazing bands and great boys, beyond us why they don’t have more exposure man.


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Interview with Serenade of Sorrows!

Band: Serenade of Sorrows
Genre: Progressive Metalcore / Deathcore

Q: Why did you decide on the band name “Serenade of Sorrows” for your band?

We actually had a hard time deciding on a name for a while after we started writing music, nothing seemed to sit with any of us on the same level. So we figured what we would do is everyone do some homework and write down as many band names as each member could think of, the list ended up reaching well over 100 band names and we all voted on them. All the ones that got at least 3 marks (over half of the current lineup) we put in a hat and picked out of the hat, It was SERENADE OF SORROWS.

The name grew on us pretty quickly as we all draw from things that make us sad or angry when we write on our instruments, kind of our way of letting it out. Most of our songs before the full length was written had to do with pretty sad events that we knew about, either a news story, or a fictional take on a situation that is just sad or almost makes us angry to think of. Funny thing about the picking of the band name was one of the runners up was the name of our full length “DEATH BY UNDERSTANDING”

Q: You’ve went through a lot of drummers and bassists, why is that?

I’m sure any member of any band local or national can relate that finding the right fit can be hard. Our lineup changes mostly had to do with changes that happened in other members lives, without involving past members personal business, peoples direction in music, career and hobby can change over any course of time and each of our members stayed with us for a considerable amount of time, in short they just did not really want to do it anymore whether they wanted to do different music or found other things more important in their lives to pursue. Plus Victor and I (Derek) are pretty hard on our drummers, just ask Rob haha.

Q: You have been around since 2007, why is your debut album just now coming out in 2013?

A lot of this had to do with constantly having to start over with a new drummer, each time we would the majority of our older songs would be trashed or redone to some extent. Each drummer we have had in the band has had a pretty different style from one another and the way the songs were arranged/played previously did not fit well with the style of the new drummer as well as it did the old.

We also were just doing demos, we did 4 demos during that time, one we never released because we did not like the way it came out and the other 3 have been released and were available for download until our newest demo was put up to represent the most current direction of the band. The album has been written for quite a while before we went in to start recording it, and we did not record it in one block session due to our finances. It has been a long time and we are ready and excited to share with everyone what we have worked very hard on.

Q: On that note, your debut album, Death By Understanding, will be out in 2013. What can we expect it to release?

We are shooting for a March date, but the album has vocals and polish left to be done yet, so it could be pushed back. If it is, it will not be by much, we want to get this thing rolling. The artwork is done now and we will be sharing that on our Facebook very soon. We will be putting our album up for FREE digital download when it is released, we are going to make hard copies and put up presales for those and the people that preorder it will get an email the same day with the full album and artwork pics. Price has not been decided yet as we are still shopping for printing companies to get the best deal for the people that want to get a hard copy from us.

Q: You’re currently not signed to any record label. Which label would you like to be signed to?

I am not sure there is any particular label that we would love to be signed to, each label really has a different way of going about each band that it signs and what it does for those bands. I really don’t like the middle man idea very much to begin with, not that labels are bad but you really have to know what your signing yourself and your band mates into. However, if we could tour with any labels currently signed bands I would have to say Sumerian and/or Metal Blade those labels have some of our favorite artists on them.

Q: How is the underground metal scene in Lake Worth, FL?

The scene has its ups and downs here, as far as turn-out, it varies from one part of the year to the next with no real pattern. Everyone has treated us with respect and kindness in our scene down here and there is tons of talent down here and the younger guys are starting up a lot of new bands now and just pushing the envelope with their playing abilities,

We currently have 2 venues/bars that host local and national(touring) bands quite often down here and right now there seems to be a good community going, we will be playing shows again soon after we finish the full length, We have not played a show in about a year now so we are itching to get back out there.

Q: Any shout outs to give to the readers?

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Interview with Sickness in the System!

Band: Sickness in the System
Genre: Death Metal / Industrial 
Q: Where does your band name “Sickness in the System” come from?

There’s a sickness a disease in “The System” it’s broken, it’s corrupt. By the system I mean our whole government, it’s not working the way it should be, people are homeless, people are jobless, people are miserable, taxes are high, suicide rates are high.

I don’t expect to change the world, I just want to show people that there’s something more out there, that maybe if we all stand up and say something loud enough, maybe just maybe someone will hear it and start trying to change it. We’re by no means a “POLITICS BAND” like Lamb of God or someone but we do believe there needs to be a change.

Q: You’re from Chattanooga, TN. How is the underground metal scene there?

It’s awful. No one goes to shows, no one supports anyone else. Everybody’s so cutthroat it’s sad. Now there are a few good bands/people/fans.

The biggest band from Chattanooga is COATHANGER ABORTION who are signed to COMATOSE MUSIC (former home to Pathology) and when they play a home show they usually play to less than 100 people.

Some of the non-metal scenes get a decent turnout, like my good friends OPPOSITE BOX (who are a quasi-metal/punk/funk band very similar to MR. BUNGLE) they always have a good turnout.

We haven’t played a show in a long while. We’ve been focused on finishing “Scarecrow’s Lament”, Dropping our remix album “MENTAL MANIPULATIONS:THE REMIXES” (which came out 1/22/2013). Jamie (Keyboards,backing vocals) and I did a feature length horror film called “GODLESS SAVAGE GARDEN” that’s due in October.  We’re hoping to be playing shows again by April or early May, the album, movie and EP we have coming out are top priority. We’re probably gonna skip on a lot of local shows, I mean we’ll do them but we’ll need to promote them properly.

Q: You’re currently signed to Sick Lens Productions, how is the experience being signed to them?

SICK LENS PRODUCTIONS is great. It’s not technically a record label, it’s a film studio but JOHNNY and PHILLIP (The co-owners of SICK LENS) believe in us, a lot more than they believe in any other band around here or really anywhere. They’re amazingly supportive of us. Anything we need they go out of their way to help us get it. We have 100% creative control over our music and artwork too, which is amazing. They distribute our product and guide us along the way.

Q: Your music is a mix of a lot of different genres; classic death metal, goth, grindcore, etc. Why the choice of using so many different sounds for your music?

We’re 5 people with very different backgrounds, so it was a natural progression for us. If you broke it down by band members it’s like this Jamie’s a noise, synthpop, and death metal guy. So he brings a good portion of the noise influence. I’m a Death metal, Goth rock, djent, J-Rock and noise guy. So most of the death metal influence comes from me. Terry’s a progressive metal, Alt. Rock, and death metal guy. So alot of the progressive edge comes from him. Shawn’s  into a lot of punk rock, some rap metal, mosh and core music. so he brings that mosh-y groove. Ostin’s really into HIM and goth rock, a lot of black and death metal. 

So you see there’s 5 different people influenced by five different things and even then that’s just the tip of the iceberg man. There’s entirely too much musical influence to strictly play death metal, besides it’s 2013 a lot of people want something new and exciting not just some dudes playing some metal, that’s boring. We not only separate ourselves musically, but physically too. We are theatrical without being. 

Q: What one band has played the most influence in your music?
See this is a question with five different answers. The band we have the most in common with is easily DIR EN GREY, so I guess they’d be the answer as a whole if we had to pick just one. But it’s different for each band member.

Terry: Between the Buried and Me, or Fair to Midland
Shawn: (HED) P.E
Ostin: Cradle of Filth or HIM

Q: Your newest album, Mental Manipulations: The Remixes, released recently. How has the feedback been thus far?

Considering the fact that we released this before some of these songs have came out, it’s been nothing but positive, We did get some confusion as to why we released this before “SCARECROW’S LAMENT”, and the honest answer to that is simple…

We’re not done with S.L. yet, this album is the most emotionally gripping album I’ve ever made, I’m by no means a cry-er, but there’s been several times during vocal sessions for the demo version, that I had to stop and cry like a baby. For those of you unfamiliar with scarecrow’s story, it’s an allegory about the tolls of addiction (particularly meth) on the human relationship and the human in general. The reason it means so much to me is that I lived through this with my parents. So it’s really hard for me to sing about my father’s imminent death, or how heartbroken my mother’s going to be at the end of this.

We’re not out to preach, especially me (I’m an ex-addict myself), We just wanted to tell a compelling story. If it helps someone along the way then good. I hope it does, but I’m not going to stop a show to get all FOR TODAY on people. Fuck that.
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?

Of course. Sick Lens, our record label. Thank you guys for being so amazing Pig Squeals And Breakdowns, thanks for taking the time to interview us Jonathan Grove for reviewing the album. Dropkick Chris and Johnny Harrison for being our biggest fans!  Coathanger Abortion, Opposite box, King Diggy, Transcendence, Crome Molly, Motherfucking LIFECURSE! , THIRD CALIBUR DISEASE, and Dyvon Da Muse. To all our newfound fans and friends, thank you. To our detractors, Keep feeding our rage. and thank you.

Answers by Robbie, the vocalist.
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Interview with Forsaken Promotions (SOS Fest)!

Q: You’re currently managing the SOS Festival for 2013. What does the “SOS” stand for exactly?

SOS = “Stomp Out Suicide”. It is a central MN metal community driven cause to assist suicide prevention.

Q: What were your reasons for starting the festival to begin with?

We have lost too many brothers/sisters, friends, coworkers and the like… we have lost them for no good reason. Everyone has been affected by suicide in one form or another… Two years ago, I personally lost my baby sister to this societal disease and it changed my life. I know how it feels and how extremely horrible it is to lose someone close. So, in my sisters memory I have been striving to help the cause. I wanted to provide a place where we as a community could stand together and tell the rest, NO ONE IS ALONE. I want people to know that every suicide is preventable so long as we don’t allow the stigma about suicide cloud us from thought and prevent action. The best way for me to help is through music. I am a metal promoter and that’s what I do best- put two and two together and this is what we got!

Q: For the people that don’t know, when does SOS Festival start and end?

SOS FEST is August 31 all day. Official morning times to be announced. St. Cloud, MN;

Q: The festival’s goal is to promote suicide prevention. Why this cause over many other causes out there?

There are a lot of worthy causes out in the world that people can and should support, but suicide is something that has affected my family first hand. Every few months it seems I hear about someone I knew or went to school with ending their own life and each time I get the news, it makes me sick to my stomach. The desperation that they must feel is what I want to cure.

Q: There are a lot of big name bands out there; which big name bands are you trying to get to play at the festival?

Hmmm, big bands….  Well I can tell you that we have had an overwhelming response from local and regional bands but as far as “Big Hitters” we have not received as much support as we’d like. We have reached out to the agents for After the Burial, The Color Morale, Goatwhore, and a few others. Heck, we even considered reaching out to Phil Anselmo. Look for an announcement concerning this closer May as it is hard for agents to schedule that far in advance.

Q: This festival will have a lot of sponsors. May you give us some of the sponsors that will be helping the festival?

As far as sponsors, we have not officially began fundraising but the NYDM was the first to come to our aid along with Horizon Clothing, and Music Cities. When we start fundraising, there will be a lot of sponsors, yes. The amount of support for this event is incomprehensible.

Q: The show is free to get in, and is to the public. Why did you choose this route instead of charging for admission?

The Show is FREE. The message is FREE. We want to reach as many people as possible and just felt that it would be best FREE. We will donate sponsorship funds over our operating costs to the foundation. Nothing like this has EVER been done in St. Cloud, MN or ever in MN from what I know. We want the masses to show up. So… August 31 SHOW UP; NO EXCUSES! COME OUT IN THE MASSES!

Q: Do you have shout outs to give to the readers?

As far as shout outs, at this point I want to thank the committee that has come together: Karie, Brady, Chase, Deb, Krystal, Shawn- you all are a blessing to this cause! Thank you to the NYDM and GOOCH for your support! With everyone’s help, we will create a truly memorable event.

We have Road to SOS FEST shows to benefit the festival and the next one is 4-27 in Moundsview, MN at the North Star Room. Many thanks to David and the North Star Room for allowing us to use that facility!

If you are an agent or a band or just someone who wants to help out this cause, please contact Jesse at

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