Interview with The Opportunist!

Band: The Opportunist
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Genre: Melodic Hardcore / Beatdown
Q: Where did you get the band name “The Opportunist” from?

Myself (Danny) and our ex-guitarist Jacob are huge wrestling fans. Jim Ross would always call heels(bad guys for you non wrestling fans) Opportunists, especially two of our favorites Edge and Chris Jericho, so that’s generally where we got the name from.

Q: You’re working on a new EP, Drifter, that is set to release this year. When can we expect this EP?

Yes, we are currently working on the EP, Drifter, with our good friend Dustin “Huss” Miller, couldn’t be happier to be working with such an awesome dude, as well as someone who is really good at what he does! He has done work with some amazing bands on their records and live stuff for Animals as Leaders, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Faceless, It Prevails, The HAARP Machine, and a ton of others.  So excited to have a sweet engineer, that’s for sure!

Otherwise it is turning out amazing. We have roughly three or four sessions left all together.  Really excited to have new songs out. We recently had a few line up changes, which is why the record was delayed a bit but with the new guys on board, we think we have the strongest line up in T.O. to date. We are really stoked on getting this EP out. Look for a release date in May when we kick off our tour with our good friends Ballet and Senseless Beauty May 24 – June 12!
Q: What are some of the bands that grew you listening to, and does any of those bands influence your music now?

Oh yes for sure, everyone in the band has a huge variety when it comes to taste in music, so we listen to a large amount of different styles of music, but bands we are really influenced by that we still like to listen to would be like, Shai Hulud (can’t wait for there new album!), Pantera, Hatebreed, Poison The Well, With Dead Hands Rising, At The Throne of Judgment, Modern Life is War, Too Pure To Die, Bury Your Dead, and Comeback Kid.  Then newer bands like The Ghost Inside, Hundredth, Counterparts, Structures, Liferuiner and rock bands like Foo Fighters, and Alice in Chains. We are all HUGE Deftones fans as well. We get down on country all kinds of shit, man hahaha!

Q: How is the underground metal scene in Des Moines, Iowa?

Well, some of our members have been in multiple bands that were partly based out of Des Moines or just played there a lot.  Our new drummer, Miles McClintock, and guitar player, Nick Kelly, live in Des Moines.  Espy and Danny live in Waterloo, which is where the band started and is pretty much based at. Flynn, our other guitarist, lives in Cedar Rapids. So we pretty spread out among Iowa, but the underground metal scene in Des Moines is great. 

They have some amazing bands coming out of there right now.  We are somewhat the different band of the area.  A lot of bands in Des Moines are doing the deathcore or djent-ish stuff, but we are more like a metal infused hardcore band. That’s what we get told a lot so we get looked at a little differently I think, but not in a bad way.  It’s just different for the area, but Des Moines and all the other cities in Iowa that host most of the local shows are all about the same where ever you go.  It’s pretty awesome that we all try to support each other all over the state!

Q: What are your plans between now and when your EP, Drifter, releases?

We were supposed to be on tour in February but we had a few member changes and didn’t want to go out without our ep, and we had a ton of shows fall through which is the unfortunate part of booking your own shows.  It gets hard out there sometimes trying to do it all on your own. But we have shows throughout February and March all over the Midwest, taking April off to get ready for our tour in May/June with Ballet and Senseless Beauty. The EP should be available by our May tour kick-off show!
Q: What band has been your favorite to play with live thus far?

By far, our dudes in Reaping Asmodeia. Those guys are ridiculous! We toured with them in November and it was probably one of the best times we have ever had in our lives. Those guys are so good!  They are like a machine every night, just perfect. Probably the best unsigned band out there right now! And just generally some of the best people you will ever meet. A lot of us have known Dan and Alex for a long time, so it is always a good time when the Reapers are around. Check them out if you haven’t!

Q: Any shout outs to give?

Oh yeah plenty, we have had so many bands in the Midwest be nothing but awesome to us since we started! So bare with us.

Shout out to our Iowa homies: They Will Repent, Amass The Grave, The Curse of Hail, Crusader, Buster Casey, The Impact of Reason, Eddie Buzzard, Black Ice, Dividing The Masses, Greg The Hero, Senseless Beauty, Orson Welles, Kings, A Past Unknown, A Casual Affair, Undisclosed, Dustin Miller and Audio Aggregate Studios, Zombie Burger, Pablo’s Mexican Grill, and our other friends you should all check out: Reaping Asmodeia, Ballet, Our Judgment, Conveyer, Clocks, Colossus, Superior, Of Glaciers, and all of our other friends and family! There are too many to list but most of all shout out to you guys at Pig Squeals And Breakdowns! What you guys do for bands is awesome and really hard to come by. Thanks so much!
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Interview with Galenus!

Band: Galenus
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Q: Why did you choose to use “Galenus” as your band name?

The name Galenus is derived from the Greek name/word galen which in English translates to the word calm. We figured that going with an ironic name was ideal considering that we classify our style of music as hyper/tech metal. Galenus is also the name of an ancient Greek physician/philosopher who wasn’t afraid to stray from the norm in order to obtain knowledge and ideas and we’d like to think that is the path our music is on…a path that strays away from the norm.

Q: You’ve only been around since 2011, why so late and not earlier?

My guitarist and I have known each other for nearly ten years now and we have always jammed together, even had a couple of projects back in the day where we were both on guitar. None of the projects worked so we went on our separate ways where we played in countless projects scattered across Illinois. As you can tell…none of those worked either.

We decided one day that we wanted to start jamming again only this time I (Justin) would jump on the mic and see where it goes. Javi (guitarist) started slinging out all these different tracks and the ideas and lyrics just started spewing out. We recorded some tracks with some generic programmed drums, mixed it, and threw it up on SoundCloud and YouTube and it got somewhat of a surprising response so we continued to roll with it which lead to our EP Ideology. So to sum it all up, we simply waited to long to get the project we always wanted going.

Q: Your most recent EP, Ideology, was released in 2012. How was the feedback from the fans?

The feedback for Ideology is unbelievable. I (Justin) remember when we first released the EP back in early July 2012 thinking that we might get 50 downloads and to be honest, we were pretty happy with that. All of a sudden the EP blew up overnight and the Facebook likes came pouring in along with a ton more downloads than we could have imagined. It was strange typing in Galenus Ideology on Google and seeing 30-50 pages with sites where the EP has been featured. It’s great feeling unlike anything Javi and I have experienced in the past with music.

Q: You’re currently working on new music now, in 2013, when can we expect it to release?

We are looking at another Summer release with the possibility of a one song release as a teaser/gift to our fans sometime in the next month or two. The new stuff…I tell ya…its intense and we will leave it at that.

Q: Are there any bands that play a large influence on your music?

Well we have many influences that range from Tiny Tim to Justin Bieber, but if we really had to narrow it down we would say bands such as The Red Chord, Origin, Danza, Beneath The Massacre, Anomalous, etc.

Q: Who would you like to be signed to the most?

We are a D.I.Y. project. Labels these days honestly just aren’t the way to go. We would rather not be broke for the rest of our lives you know?

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give?

We would like to give a shout out to our girls in Violet Kill, our main dogs in Roman Ring, and we can’t forget those crazy guys in Wasted Fortune!

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Interview with Don’t Forget To Breathe!

Band: Don’t Forget To Breathe
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where does your band name “Don’t Forget To Breathe” come from?

The name Don’t Forget To Breathe was originated by our vocalist. He got the name from one of the Saw movies.

Q: Your EP, Eden, came out recently. How has the feedback been?

The feedback has been great, honestly. We haven’t had many people listening though, which is the sad part.

Q: What band plays the biggest influence on your music?

We all have very different music tastes. But the one band that everyone in the band takes fancy on would be Parkway Drive or August Burns Red. We’re all huge fans.

Q: How is the underground metal scene in south Florida?

The SloFlo scene for our type of music isn’t big at all. It’s mainly tech-death based and hardcore. Metalcore definitely has taken it’s toll on our music community and it hasn’t been around much in a while. We’re glad to be apart of this scene along with many awesome bands, though.

Q: What are your views on people illegally downloading your music?

Honestly, as long as they actually enjoy our music and give a shit and we gain new listeners, we’re fine with it. We’ve put so much hard work into this EP that we would love to show it to the world.

Q: When can we expect new music from you?

New music definitely in the early stints of Summer. We’ve been writing nonstop. I don’t think we’re ever NOT writing new music ideas. Ahaha. We currently have one or two ideas in the works. But the main focus right now is getting Eden noticed.

Q: Any shout outs to give?

We give a shout out to The Foundry Studios for recording our album, Total Deathcore and Pig Squeals And Breakdowns for supporting underground metal acts, and all our fans for listening! 🙂

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Interview with Consumed By Silence!

Band: Consumed By Silence
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where does the band name “Consumed By Silence” come from?

Consumed By Silence comes from a song name by one our biggest influences And Hell Followed With

Q: You’re played with a lot of big name bands; Oceano, Upon A Burning Body, And Hell Followed With, etc. Which one was your favorite to play with?

We have played with our hometown friends Chelsea Grin a few times, they are probably one of the favorites we have played with, they put on a good show.

Q: Biggest influence on your music?

We have a wide variety of influences throughout the band, musically bands like Volumes and The Black Dahlia Murder inspire us a lot, as well as just creating music people love inspires us to keep going as well.

Q: Does your family and/or friends support your band, and the music you make?

We all have very supportive families, I can’t say that any of them hate what we’re doing.

Q: What is the underground metal scene like in Salt Lake City, UT?

The underground metal scene in Utah is on and off, but as of right now it’s definitely looking up, there is a lot of great bands forming and awesome venues surfacing.

Q: What can we expect from you in 2013?

In 2013 you can expect two things for sure; a full length album, and a good amount of touring. We hope we will bring CBS to a lot of new people’s ears this year!

Q: Any shout outs to give?

Shout outs, mainly to Alex Faust and Stetson Whitworth at High Vibe Recordings, The Stranger Beside Me, and all of our family, friends, and fans! We love them!

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A Plague Upon Us – A Plague Upon Us [REVIEW]

Genre: Technical Deathcore / Death Metal
A Plague Upon Us’s self-titled debut album is a 10 track, heavy hitting, technical, fast album. It keeps you wanting more, and it delivers that “more” you want. The introduction, “To Construct A Nightmare,” alone sucks you into their vortex of brutal deathcore, and keeps you stuck there for well over 20 minutes. Dave Robbin’s vocals on the album are fantastic, he has the raspy lows of most death metal bands, and his highs are fantastic. The guitar work by Christian Long, and Dave, is also spectacular in the songs that have more technical work, like the songs “Hostility Among Peasants,” “Quarantined And Crucified,” and “Eradication By The Destroyer.” Let’s not forget the drum work of Mark Huffman, which provides the ample noise for hard hitting breakdowns, like in the track “And The Kingdom Fell.”
This album is something you do not listen to only once, you listen to it over and over again because it is that, damn, good. After listening to it well over six times in a sitting, I have to say my favorite song on the album is “And The Kingdom Fell.” It provides everything you could want out of a technical deathcore band. There is technical guitar work in one solo, a breakdown with heavy bass pedal work, death metal lows that everyone loves, and beautiful piano in the intro and outro. The only gripe I have with the album is that I think it could have been better produced, the production quality isn’t the best it could be.
Album Score: 4.8 / 5
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