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Ovid’s Withering – The Cloud Gatherer [REVIEW]

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Genre: Technical Symphonic Deathcore
 Ovid’s Withering new EP, The Cloud Gatherer, is a four track album combining symphonic overtones, technical guitar work, and the heaviness that the deathcore sound brings. The album is over 25 minutes long, with each song roughly six minutes long. The introduction, “Panikon Deima” sets the mood for the rest of album very well, with a barrage of guitar work by Aaron Rodriguez and Mark Gonzalaz, with drums in the background. The combination of black metal-like symphonic sounds, death metal styled vocals from JJ Polachek, and the heavy deathcore sound everyone loves really makes this song my favorite from the album.
Another song that really stands out is the third song, “The Omen of Lycaon,” because it continues with the black metal-like symphonic sounds, but adds more black metal styled vocals by JJ with the already prevalent death metal styled vocals he already does. This song has a breakdown, that stands out from the rest of the breakdowns in the album, with a symphonic background of violins and other electronic sounds. However, before this breakdown, there are parts solely for technical guitar work and death metal styled growls and low screams. This track, and the introduction track gives you enough reason to listen to this album, and purchase it.
Album Score: 4.8 / 5
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