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New Things That Released Yesterday And Today

There have been too many new music and music videos released within the last two days. So, instead of posting a ton of individual posts, it’ll all be here wrapped up one large post!
I’m going to go down the list. There’s aren’t listed in any special order.

First up. Death metal band, Kava Hu, dropped a new song “Trueborn” yesterday. (Link)

Next is death metal act, Necropia, with their new music video for their song “OCD.” Song is taken from their June released album, Creation of Sin. (Link)

Third is down tempo/deathcore act, Falsifier with their new live music video of “Human Filth,” taken from their EP Life In Death. (Link)

Fourth is Slamophiliac with their new song, “Galactic Arc” taken from their upcoming new album, Aphelion. Which will release Nov. 27, 2015 via Slamchester Records. (Link)

Fifth (told you this’ll be long), is slam/beatdown band, Capital Punishment, with their new song “Personal Justice.” This was released yesterday. (Link)

Sixth is progressive metal band, Sacred Shapes, with their debut single “Dreamspace.” (Link)

And I think that about does it. If I missed anything, feel free to send an email to pigsquealsandbreakdowns@gmail.com and this post will be updated.

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