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New Infant Annihilator Album Coming Soon(ish)

You heard it right! Infant Annihilator will be bringing a new album to the table in 2015… or, sometime, soon?

Cemetery Abyss, a YouTube channel focusing on heavy music, caught up with Aaron and Eddie at a Black Tongue show and asked them about IA. In short, they said they have a ton of material already written/done for the album, and you can expect it to be meat-er, heavier, more technical, and in Alex’s, vocalist of Black Tongue, words, “I’ve heard it. It’s like them turned to eleven, when they’re already at eleven.”

The video provides a small teaser of the new stuff coming. So be on the lookout!

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  • iuij on

    There is no new infant annhilator album, they are gone

  • Michael on

    So where the hell is it? I’ve been waiting on so patiently.

  • Michael Wagner on

    The Infant is back motherfuckers!

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