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Music Video Review: Set Your Anchor – Moving Mountains

Signed to Artery Global and produced by Kelly Cairns (As I Lay Dying), Set Your Anchor is a melodic hardcore band from San Bernardino, California that’s come out with their single Moving Mountains.

Moving Mountains is a song that shines so well because of how unpredictable and contrary the band’s approach is in this confusing moment of hardcore and post-hardcore. You see, we are in an age where shitty breakdowns and boy band antiques are slapped together to sell what would be a heavy(er) and more tattooed answer to One Direction – I swear, some people wanna watch the world burn. So when we take a listen to Set Your Anchor and hear a scream in a song where clean-singing would usually take place, one can’t help but give an injection of respect, for this overall song is in fact a melodic duration with many mellow passages, but more importantly, it is a true homage to how hardcore should sound without being watered down or perverted.

Now, the video clip is very dull and uninspiring, but it is the message that makes this clip so powerful. I’m not going to tell you what happens, but I will tell you that it’s a brilliant lesson for us to never act out of emotion as we never know the consequences that follow. It encourages us to instead take a moment to think things through so that we are in complete control of our actions, for it doesn’t matter how much you may hate a system, if you cannot control your emotions, the system will always win.

I am glad this clip happened to arrive in my inbox, I will conclude this day a new man – until the next morning anyway.

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